So You Wanna Be a Mequoda System Editor?

Being a Mequoda System editor means following a regular, formal process that recasts the content of other media products.

As a Mequoda System Editor, or any online editor, you may have responsibility for developing content that is variously combined and disaggregated for four uses: emails, blog posts, free special reports and premium products.

Fundamentally, editors generate email newsletters and email promotions in a regular, formal process that recasts the content of other media products. In most cases, the editorial content for these two platforms begins life as a more comprehensive article, book, report, webinar or live event.

For each special report, you’ll create a unique online sales letter that we call a rapid conversion landing page (also known as a name squeeze page). And you’ll distribute a press release announcing its availability.

The free special reports enroll new email subscribers in return for the complimentary download. The same free special reports are also disaggregated to create individual blog posts.

Every email newsletter also becomes a blog post. Every email promotion, if it’s not already in use as a sales letter landing page, also becomes a post. And every free special report is disaggregated into a series, or a cluster of blog posts.

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Our Mequoda System clients have editors that have specific day-to-day responsibilities for the creation and deployment of this content. Ideally, five or six days a week, editors will send out at least one email newsletter, published in different formats. They’ll also make as many as 780 blog posts annually, and create a minimum of 26 free special reports.

That’s a lot of content creation and dissemination. But editors shouldn’t be expected to write everything themselves. The creation of some content can be outsourced to other copywriters, as can the rapid conversion landing pages that offer free reports.

In some cases, free reports can be excerpted from existing books, and assembled/edited by freelancers. Additionally, many online promotions can be written by product managers, often by reusing content borrowed from online sales letters.

Success requires that you execute an organized strategy that reinforces your end goal, whether it’s generating leads and clicks for your sponsors, or selling subscriptions and products.

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