Some Valuable Twitter Tips

Using social media to connect and build buzz around your brand

Earlier this week I wrote about content marketing for artists. I’ve heard the term DYI (Do It Yourself) for years when it comes to independent music scenes, but that mentality isn’t just for musicians. Frankly, it can go for any artist, entrepreneur or small brand nowadays with the help of social media as one component to a successful marketing strategy.

A recent article from Mashable discussed 10 Twitter tips for bands. The best part about this information was that it came directly from artists. Now if you aren’t a musician, please don’t stop reading this post. You can utilize the information about valuable Twitter tips as long as you can see the similarities between what the musicians are saying and your own brand.

A favorite of mine from the article is “Collaborate”. This is great for creative types and any business-savvy individual. You could start this process by searching for whatever topic you have expertise in at

For instance, I searched for “wood working” on the site. Results came up with that topic. If I wanted to attempt to find a collaborator on a wood working project, it would be a great way to do so. The process in itself may also lead to new relationships and new projects.

Learn about all ten of the top Twitter tips from Mashable now and start using them in your Twitter strategy.

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