Speak, Sell, and Grow Rich

At Mequoda, part of our mission is to help you create and maintain your web presence so you can leap over your competition. And even though we put our focus online… have you ever thought about how to increase your profits offline? Or how about getting the most ROI from your targeted audience?

Well, now you can.

That’s because Copywriter, Mequoda Contributing Editor, and Best Selling Author, Peter Fogel is giving a FREE tele-seminar that you’re going to want to attend.

It’s aptly called:

How To Use The Persuasive Power of Public Speaking To Profitably Market Your Books, Services, and Products Tele-seminar

It’s all happening on Wednesday November 29th 8:00 PM (Eastern
Standard Time)

Here is just a ‘taste’ of what you will learn:

  • The secret to getting over your fear of public speaking
  • Should you be serious in your presentation or funny? (The answer might surprise you)
  • Why you owe it to your readers and customers to be a public speaker
  • The proper strategy to market your consulting services and to get your prospects into your—CHA-CHING—funnel system
  • How to take your book and spin it off into other products that you can sell online and offline
  • How to lose money with your book and still make HUGE PROFITS on the back end (with more speaking engagements and consulting services)
  • Why public speaking and your book can get you to expert status almost immediately
  • The ‘Proper Etiquette’ for effective platform selling

Here’s what Master Coach Terri Levine says about what Peter can offer you:

‘Peter Fogel did a seminar for some of my top clients and students and he WOWed us all! The presentation was fun, upbeat, interesting and his delivery style helped us learn in an educational and entertaining way. This man is THE expert on copywriting in my book and his seminar was tops.’
~Terri Levine, CEO, The Coaching Institute

This seminar is for any author, salesperson, consultant, coach, small business owner… any one who wants to sell more products, get respect within their industry… and wants clients clamoring for their services! (What could be better?)

Download a FREE copy of 7 Ways to Monetize your Portal Audience, and discover how today's top publishers are generating revenue through memberships, events, clubs, sponsorships, and more.

Peter has a busy speaking and writing schedule. He can’t guarantee when he will be doing another tele-seminar like this again.

But he does guarantee if you do attend this one it will be a worthwhile hour of strong content and humor… with take-away speaking techniques you can use right away!

So while it’s fresh on your mind, cut and paste the link below and sign up now.



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