The State of Publishing on LinkedIn

Publishing on LinkedIn: Traffic is down to digital magazines, messaging on the site is redesigned; plus, the Conde Nast advertising pricing problem

Publishing on LinkedIn is a practice we believe in: As a social networking service aimed at professionals, what better way to share content with digital magazine executives and digital marketers? But the Mequoda Method would never rely solely on one platform. Article shares to LinkedIn have surged 600% in the past year and a half, according to ShareThis, but that pales in comparison to Facebook, Digiday reports.

And, more to the point, LinkedIn’s platform has changed drastically in recent months.

But this isn’t the most paradigm-shifting news for publishers. Imagine a world in which Conde Nast is considered behind the times with its digital publishing strategy. Well, that’s where we find ourselves, according to Digiday. Let’s start there this week.

Does Conde Nast Advertising Have a Pricing Problem?

Conde Nast led the charge when it came to publishers starting in-house branded content studios, but that hasn’t stopped critics from pointing out their shortcomings in the content marketing game. Apparently, ad execs are not thrilled with the pricing structure at this legacy publisher. The rap seems to be that Conde can’t reconcile its premium content aims with modern monetization’s demands for competitive pricing. There seems to be an industry squeeze taking place, brought on, presumably, by enthusiast audiences: The question is, will Conde fold? And should they?

“What they’re doing right now with 23 Stories is a really smart way and progressive shift from where they’ve been,” MEC North America Managing Partner and Digital Content Marketing Lead Gian LaVecchia told Digiday.

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“That whole proposition is about bringing those two sides together and bringing that to brands. That’s a fairly aggressive step forward, and I like that. And that steps across the portfolio. It’s designed to address silos.”

LinkedIn Publishing: Exactly How It Sounds?

LinkedIn has decided that publishing is a good game to get in, so much so that the social networking service is no longer promoting publisher content the way it once was, Digiday reports. Instead, it’s operating its own publishing platform on all cylinders. Forbes, for instance, was named a top-tier publisher by LinkedIn, but the publisher now says only 10% of its traffic is coming from the networking giant, Digiday reports.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn Messaging Gets a New Look

Still, the exposure LinkedIn provides is worthwhile, and its messaging has evolved to foster better executive communication, Digiday reports. The current interface will resemble Facebook’s as well as Gmail’s, with video on the horizon.

Vox Media Cuts Load Time

Vox is the darling of digital publishing these days, but like any multiplatform publisher, they’re continually evolving to keep up with industry advances. Case in point: Balancing their design aims with loading aims, according to Digiday. Fonts and images were the first to undergo changes, stripping milliseconds; in addition, third-party elements are going under the knife.

Are you publishing on LinkedIn? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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