Steve Jobs: It is an Honor to Live in Your Time.

Hundreds of years from now, 2010 will be the demarcation for the beginning of the Jobs Era. It is thus ironic that this icon of our digital future passed away less that 18 months after he changed the course of human history forever.

Now, some may argue that someone else would have ushered in the age of tablet computing, the age of the personal media device, if Jobs had not done it in 2010. As proof, they would point to all the other tablet computers that quickly followed the introduction of the iPad in April 2010. I would counter that, had the iPad introduction been a failure, none of those other devices would have ever come to market.

I write about a great many people that I have never met. I have owned almost every device that Apple has ever produced starting with the Apple II which I used to write my first software program in 1982. I helped launch MacWorld Magazine. My sons grew up on Apple products and my oldest son now works for Apple. I Met Steve on the day he introduced iTunes to the world. We shared a drink and talked about the music we loved. I believe now that Jobs knew then the ride he had in mind for the rest of us.

I have spent my life in the media. Steve Jobs has changed my life in ways that I understand, and in other ways that I know are beyond my grasp.

I feel he was taken from us much too soon.

There is so much more to do.

He has left us with both foundation and direction.

Here’s hoping we all make the most of his legacy.

Steve, it is an honor to live it your time.

Rest in peace.

If you have a Steve jobs or Apple story, please share it with me.

    Keith B.

    He was undoubtedly a genius, particularly at marketing and developing products – but he did not invent the tablet, MP3 player, or pc – he may have introduced some great products but “changed the course of human history forever” I think this part of his eulogy only time will tell whether he will be remembered as well as Tom Dimmond, Kane Kramer or François Gernelle.

    Stacy B.

    Well said, Don. Steve Jobs has been compared to both Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. All were giants. I, too, feel honored to live in his time.

    Fred P.

    When explaining my own (late 1908s) career move from consumer market research into technology management, I tell people that Steve’s question to John Sculley – “John, do you want to change the world, or do you want to peddle soda water the rest of your life?” – hit me square between the eyes. The question was brilliant (even if recruiting Sculley wasn’t so brilliant) and it sure changed my life for the better.

    Elias H.

    Steve Jobs eara will live for long time to come, the technology world will miss him immensely. All thoughts with his family


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