How Do Tablets Fit Into Digital Publishing?

Hands holding tablet pc. Office work conceptThere is still a debate going on about whether tablets should be considered mobile devices or not, and Ad Week is sharing some of the opinions that are thrown around.

Some marketers are separating tablet ads from smartphone ads because they see the two are very different. On the other hand, some marketers see the tablet as the ultimate mobile device that is replacing laptops and smartphones, too.

Eric Bader, CMO of RadiumOne, has an interesting take on why tablets must be considered in the mobile conversation. In the Ad Week article Bader stated, “‘Mobile’ is not a description of a particular device; it’s a segment of consumers that are readily moving,” he asserted. “As far as advertisers are concerned, much of the consumer behavior taking place on a tablet is similar to a smartphone, less the phone calling. What illustrates the mobility of the tablet is when it’s so commonly used during a commute. It has built-in cellular service, which most laptops do not, and would be just the right screen for Starbucks to promote morning coffee at your destination.”

What do you think about tablets — are they mobile or not? Please weigh in.

Read more about the mobile debate on tablets at Ad Week. 

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