Take Away 12 Tools from the Mequoda Summit (it’s not your average conference)

A valuable conference should reach three goals: #1 instructional sessions, #2 actionable take-aways and #3 great attendees.

We’ve got #1 and #2 covered, come to the Mequoda Summit and be a part of #3!

If you think of a conference as a “training”, how do your expectations shift?

When most people think of a conference, they think of multiple tracks, networking, and the hope that they’ll get a few take-aways from each session.

In fact when we were at a conference recently, someone said, “if I get just ONE great take-away, I’ll be happy.”

This is especially true for publishers who attend events that aren’t focused specifically for them as publishers.

Consider how much you spend to attend a conference. $500? $1000? $2000? How much are you getting from your investment? $2000 for just one great take-away?

On more than one occasion, we’ve seen past Summit attendees at other conferences that tell us the Mequoda Summit is the best event they attend all year.

We’re really proud of that.

After all, it’s not just a conference, it’s really an intense two-day workshop. That’s not just fancy copywriting either.

Last year one publisher took so many notes and emailed so many new ideas to his staff during the Summit, that he’s signed up eight people to join him in Boston this year.

In fact, we have tons of Mequoda Summit “regulars” that bring new staff with them every time they come.

So join us at the Mequoda Summit in Boston on October 7-9th and save the rest of your budget for all of the great new strategies and takeaways you’ll want to start working on as soon as you’re back in the office.

After all, what other conference can you attend, where every session offers a take-home tool to use in your own publishing business?

Here are the tools attendees will receive when they attend the Mequoda Summit in Boston this year:

  1. Sample Online Market Audit
  2. Sample Keyword Benchmark Study
  3. Website Template Inventory Checklist
  4. Article Release Guideline Checklist
  5. Sample Inbound Link Report
  6. Sample Email Performance Report
  7. Multivariate Testing Checklist
  8. Digital Product Pyramid
  9. Social Media Metrics Report
  10. Online Editor Job Description
  11. Sample Key Metric Dashboard
  12. Sample Online Business Plan and Model

All of these tools can be customized and adapted to your own business. We also have a bonus SEO workshop on day three that will teach you how to build your own keyword universe and start applying within your editorial strategy.

We know budgets are tight this year. So even more than ever, our goal is to give you the ONE event you MUST attend.

That’s why we’ve even created the Mequoda Reader Survey this year so that you can tell us EXACTLY what you want to learn from the Mequoda Summit. Don’t be shy, take the survey.

When you’re done, register for the Mequoda Summit. Our first early-bird deal will expire soon, and the more people you send, the more money you will save.

See you in Boston! Any questions on what the Summit will cover and whether it’s relevant to your business? Email them along to us and we’ll let you know.


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