The Best 4 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Efforts Have Failed

If you aren’t experiencing success with content marketing, it may be due to these reasons

Content marketing is starting to become an illustrious method for showing audiences who you are and what your business is all about.

Some individuals just starting out in the realm of content marketing don’t fully realize how to do it effectively.

At its core, content marketing is about great content. No big surprise there. But there are specifics on how the content is created, why it’s created and when it’s created that will impact the overall results you will receive.

If you haven’t been experiencing much success with content marketing, take a critical look at your overall strategy. If you cannot pinpoint an area where you may be ineffective, take a look at the four reasons below as they may help you understand why your content marketing efforts have been failing.

4 reasons why your content marketing hasn’t been successful

Reason #1 for Unsuccessful Content Marketing – Frequency: If you want to show legitimacy behind your content marketing efforts, you will have to publish frequently. We recommend posting articles daily if you want to become a leader within your industry. Publishing daily shows your audience and Google that you are serious about being a source of valued content.

If you don’t publish or update your content frequently, audience members will not visit your website often. Google will not see you as a worthy source of content.

Reason #2 for Unsuccessful Content Marketing – Amount of content: To be a powerhouse online publisher, you will need a lot of content. Most Mequoda Systems are launched with hundreds or even thousands of pages of content. The more quality content you have, the better chance of getting a lot of website traffic and email conversions.

If you don’t have a lot of content, consider ways to fix this issue. If you have a budget to use, you can hire freelance or contract writers. If you don’t have those resources, you can work to curate industry content or make shorter link reviews to help build more recognition of your publication.

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Reason #3 for Unsuccessful Content Marketing – Poor quality: After the most recent algorithm change, Google mentioned that it is now paying attention to the quality of content. This means you will have to pay even closer attention to the content you produce.

It’s hard to define quality content specifically, but consider your audience in the process. Are you providing them with valuable content? Can they take the content you provide, and use it to better their lives? Are audience members commenting on your articles and tweeting them to others? If so, you are likely providing quality content.

Furthermore, in the pursuit of quality content, make sure to check statistics and supply the most factual information possible.

Reason #4 for Unsuccessful Content Marketing – Not properly reaching your audience: Have you created a keyword universe relevant to your website and then searched those terms in the Google keyword tool to find their relevance and popularity? If not, you are likely targeting keyword phrases that aren’t getting as much traffic as you’d imagine.

To reach an audience properly, you have to know how they think, how they search and why they seek this information. The Google Keyword Tool will help you find the best keywords to focus on. You can also look at the terms your competitors are using to get an idea of relevant keywords as well.

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