The Blog-Email Connection

Establishing a blog-centric URL structure creates a home for your content and establishes your content marketing system in a manner that is subscriber-centric, as you’re actively asking visitors to subscribe to your email updates, social networks and RSS feed.

From the beginning, blogs have been platforms for social interaction and content sharing. These same principles exist today, and help further develop your brand’s reach into the lives of your subscribers.

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Now, the social aspect of blogs has moved further from the onsite activity. Socially minded blogs add buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and their RSS feed. Content marketers have floaters, OFIEs and OFINs to encourage casual visitors to become email subscribers, and offer free products in exchange for the user’s active email address. Aligned in-line text ads point readers to related free reports as another way to procure email addresses for further correspondence.

Is every page of your website actively working to convert casual website visitors into email subscribers? If not, the size of your audience is much smaller than it should be. For the best strategies for developing a blog-centric URL structure, join us for our Digital Content Marketing Bootcamp in New York City on January 24th, 2012.


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