The Mequoda System’s Core Values

Why our Open Content Standards are so unique

We are currently in the middle of researching for our second Mequoda Open Content Standards adoption study. Unsurprisingly, publishers using an open content business model as their primary audience development strategy are dominant within the top 1,000 websites.

Where it was controversial 10 years ago and still in question five years ago, it is now clear that an open content model is utilized by 80-90% of content-driven websites in top 1,000 with SEO, SMO and link building as their primary ways to drive traffic.

As the economics of online publishing boil out, top publishers have realized that they cannot succeed by only paying for media… they have to be good at organic marketing as well.

Although I am heartened to see this happen over the past decade, there are still many websites falling short on the content-driven, Google-friendly, subscriber centric and multiplatform requirements of a Mequoda System.

Where online publishers are lacking

In many cases, publishers think they are Google-friendly, yet, when they look objectively at their content and website, they realize there’s a great deal of opportunity for improvement.

In subscriber-centric relationship building opportunities, they offer email signups but are not doing it as aggressively as they should. Many landing pages are neglected and freemium offers aren’t being capitalized.

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As we’ve seen, publishers can be compliant with Mequoda Open Content Standards but their efforts and execution are lackluster. It’s similar to the difference between being a runner and being a world-class runner.

Most publishers we look at have some multiplatform components, whether their own or from partners, yet there still seems to be confusion in their choices. Often times, too many activities are taken on, which makes it hard to optimize the overall revenue mix.

Why Mequoda Systems are different and unique

As Brian Gurnham, COO of Business and Legal Resources has pointed out, the Mequoda System is not the only system for succeeding online, but as a business strategy, it is complete with values, processes, software and community.

If you don’t believe you are executing as well as you should be, and you want to make more money online, join us at the Mequoda Summit East 2011.

If you are new to the Mequoda System, be sure to attend the Mequoda System Strategy Workshop on Tuesday, September 13th.

After building systems for 17 years, we began calling them Mequoda Systems in 2005. And now, for first time ever, we are calling the introductory workshop Mequoda System Strategy: How to Launch a Successful Special-Interest Media Business, based on feedback and surveys from our members.

In the past, we were sheepish about this and used to brand the system broadly as a “content marketing system” or an “online publishing system”. The reason for this of course, was that content marketing was still in its infancy. But now that content marketing has become more understood, we’ve decided to be completely straightforward and share the success of Mequoda System Strategy without hesitation.

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    Having to do just about everything myself, I’ve decided to narrow my focus to two sources: Mequoda and Ali Brown. Sure there are lots of great experts, but when you’re a busy entrepreneur, time is at a premium and there’s only so much time to read and assimilate all the information to improve your business. Thank you for being such a great resource.

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