The Mequoda System Strategy Workshop

Discover how our complete online business system can generate revenue for you

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, I discussed the core values behind Mequoda Systems, and what sets our system apart from other basic content marketing systems.

During our upcoming Mequoda Summit East 2011, attendees have the chance to experience the Mequoda System Strategy Workshop, which discusses the 44 steps that make up a Mequoda System.

This program has been taught only once so far – this past June in New York City under the name Content Marketing Strategy. It was the first time we presented our approach to content marketing in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner.

The intensive day-long program received rave reviews from the attendees.

If you’d like more information on this session before signing up to attend, please contact Kim Mateus via phone 401-293-0401 or email.

As a quick recap, I’d like to run through the 44-steps that make up our Mequoda System Strategy Workshop:

1. Inventory Your Magazine Assets

2. Illustrate Your Brand Family

3. Choosing Your Business Models – Sponsor vs. User Revenue

4. Defining Your Audience Pyramid

5. Planning Your Global Sitemap

6. Establishing a Blog-Centric URL Structure

7. Establishing a Magazine-Centric URL Structure

8. Establishing a Decentralized URL Structure

9. Defining Key Assumptions

10. Sizing Up The Competition – Online Market Audit

11. Defining Your Website Taxonomy

12. Matching Sponsors to Topics

13. Building Your Keyword Universe

14. Updating Your Strategy Model

15. Preparing Your Project Plan

16. Choosing Your Software Strategy

17. Choosing Your Content Management System

18. Choosing Internal System GPL Plug-ins

19. Creating Internal System Plug-ins

20. Choosing External System Options

21. Determining Your Project Schedule

22. Determining Project Budget

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23. Finalizing Business Plan

24. Sourcing Capital

25. Green Lighting The Launch

26. Choosing Mentor Sites & Best Practices

27. Choosing 2-Column Design

28. Choosing 3-Column Design

29. Creating Website Style Guide

30. Establishing Conversion Architecture

31. Setting Online Editorial Calendar

32. Choosing an Image Service

33. Maximizing Website Usability

34. Hiring Your Content Marketing Specialist

35. Training Your Staff

36. Closing Launch Sponsors

37. Loading Content

38. Preparing Your Initial SEO Campaign

39. Executing a Soft Launch

40. Setting Up Twitter Program

41. Setting Up Facebook Program

42. Executing a Hard Launch

43. Launching & Tracking SEO Campaigns

44. Monitoring & Optimizing System

Who should attend this program?

If you are an online publisher new to, or considering, the Mequoda System, this program is for you. By learning each step to launching a Mequoda System, you will get a look at the complete picture of launching or relaunching a special-interest online business and how it relates to your goals as a leading online publisher.

If you consider yourself to be content-driven, Google-friendly, subscriber-centric and publish on multiple platforms, the Mequoda System Strategy Workshop at the Mequoda Summit East 2011 is a place where you can meet, share and learn from like-minded online publishers.


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