The Real Value of Co-Registration Leads

Add value to your internet marketing strategy with co-reg leads

Co-reg names, once considered by some publishers to be of little value, can be surprisingly profitable over time, as we will illustrate.


Co-registration is the absolute cheapest source of active email subscribers available anywhere for your Mequoda System website network editorial hub. Of course, the success of a co-registration campaign also requires a robust email newsletter program.


Additionally, co-registration names typically have the highest return on investment (ROI).


Unlike other direct response programs, a co-reg lead generation program can take months to test. The performance of individual co-reg partners will vary widely and must be tracked carefully. While co-reg leads will generate the lowest revenue per email newsletter subscriber of any major source, they can add significant revenue and profits to an already well-run publishing operation.

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At one Mequoda client, the marketing ROI on co-reg names averaged 900 percent! Without regarding the cost of fulfillment, 25 cents spent on the name of an active email newsletter subscriber acquired through co-registration returned an average of $2.25 in revenue over 12 months.


This client had 14 million active subscribers, of which 10 million were acquired through co-registration—far and away the largest source of subscribers on the file.


    I am ready to sign up for legitimate coreg leads for 25 cents each. what is the URL?


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