The Secret to Getting Almost Every Bit of Information That You Really, Really Want…

Would your publication have added value and credibility if you published some interviews with the subject matter experts in your field?

I’ve discovered an amazingly effective strategy for getting what I want. It works most of the time, and when it doesn’t, you can try it again, usually without penalty. And it’s not just an online publishing secret.

So fasten your seat belt and get ready to take copious notes, because here is an online publishing secret that will reveal everything you need to know to get what you want from someone else: “Ask!”

That’s the online publishing secret. Just ask. Ask politely. Ask respectfully. Ask creatively. And if refused, find a different way to ask again.

The amazingly simple truth is that most people, when asked politely and respectfully, will give you the information you are seeking. And usually they will do so gladly.

The truth about those unfriendly New Yorkers

I used to work in the heart of New York City. Every day I walked through the seedy Times Square and 42nd Street area (before the Mayor cleaned it up), teaming with people who weren’t very friendly.

New Yorkers are notoriously thick-skinned, some would even say “hardened” individuals. Walk down the street and they don’t make eye contact. Keep to themselves. No smile and cheery “Good morning” for a stranger. Very cold.

Until you stop someone and ask for directions. Then, surprisingly, almost everyone is willing to help. In fact, on a busy sidewalk, if you ask out loud “Can anyone tell me how to get to the Empire State building?,” you can actually attract a small crowd.

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Nearly every New Yorker within earshot will have an opinion as to what bus or subway to take, or how to walk there. You can even gin up a debate among strangers as to the fastest, safest route.

So much for breaking the ice with New Yorkers. Just ask for advice.

And it’s the same in online publishing. Want some expert advice? Ask an expert.

Want an opinion? Ask someone their opinion.

Here’s an online publishing secret: Want a celebrity interview? Ask for the interview! And be prepared to conduct it, because very often, the person you ask will agree to give you the information you want right then and there.

Why do they do it? Because it’s smart. It’s flattering. It’s good business. And because they’re nice people.

The Mequoda Group is publishing a series of online publishing secrets in the form of Mequoda Case Studies based on exclusive interviews with some of the most successful publishers in the business, including:

How did we get people like this to agree to give us the benefit of their wisdom? Here’s the online publishing secret: We just asked. And most of them were very gracious in giving their time and sharing valuable experience.

Would your publication have added value and credibility if you published some interviews with the subject matter experts in your field?

Would they agree to be interviewed?

Did you ever ask?


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