The Value of Making New Technology Part of Your Everyday

Making new technology part of your everyday

Rachel Yeomans, marketing director of social media for Astek—and the person who helps us run our Wednesday noon (Eastern) Twitter Chats (today’s topic: SEO)—is a great study in “what’s happening now.” In one of her recent posts on the Astek blog, she went through her daily routine—and this was not your grandmother’s, or even father’s, or even older sister’s routine. But it is very much worth taking note:

iPhone: Alarm clock – I have the “Strum” default option, which sounds like a fun yet low-key guitar beat; iPad: Check that email and Twitter stream! Oh yes, and Daylite for the to-do list and calendar of the day’s activity.
MacBook: Email, multiple browsers (and oh so many tabs), Tweetdeck, Pandora, Adium, Skype, Evernote…the list goes on. iPhone: Siri, I heart you – my lifeboat when running between meetings; always around for the conference call! iPod: Yes, I like having my entire music collection in one place
MacBook: Blog updates and paperwork; iPad: “How to Cook Everything” app is my standard cook-something-gourmet-and-have-it-be-easy-and-quick app. Seriously it’s amazing. Download it! Email touch-base (I try to turn off my MacBook mail after the end of the workday—this is my “cheat”). Netflix streaming and so on. (There was a Dr. Whoreference but that’s for another article.)

I kidded Rachel yesterday about knowing everything in this brave new world while asking her whether someone can tweet to just a part of their audience. She proceeded to answer my question—“Unfortunately you can’t segment your tweets to go to a private audience. The hashtag allows those who don’t follow you to see your statements, but those statements also go to your current Twitter audience. This is usually seen as a good thing as it spreads your knowledge and expertise…”—and then kidded that she doesn’t know everything. Hmmm.

Rachel will be sharing her vast knowledge at a social media session on Sunday afternoon, May 20, at the SIPA 2012 Conference in Washington, D.C. Nicole Nigh of Thompson Media will join her, making this a can’t-miss hour. At times, it seems like there is just too much to keep up with. But if you live it every day like Rachel does, it probably doesn’t seem as overwhelming; it’s just life. At a meeting last night, a plugged-in friend of mine started explaining Ooma as a replacement for his land line, and then went on to discuss the merits of the online payment systems for membership in our social group. Amazon, PayPal, FourSquare. Again, he was living it and understanding it.

So what does it all mean? I guess that the more we integrate things like online advertising, mobile delivery and apps into our everyday, the more we will be able to understand—and profit from—them in our business lives. Everything seems intimidating until we have to do it, and then we get used to it and find that it’s not so bad. (Try asking someone to put down their iPad for a day.)

This really is a good reason for coming to our Conference next month. You will be able to talk to people like Rachel, Jim McQueen of Cadmus (ePub Formats), Minal Bopaiah of Anne Holland Ventures (Super-charging Your Content), Jeremy Dempsey of Integrate (Marketing Automation) and Allison Johns of Access (Managing Digital Product Development) and many, many others—and hear what the very latest is. Because if you do not get with the program now, it may just leave you behind.

“Gadgets definitely make a big difference in my day-to-day schedule,” Rachel wrote. “But will I one day have the ability to have helicopter propellers come out of my cloche?” After I looked up “cloche,” I’d say if one person out there is doing this, then Rachel will know. And then so will we.


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