Time Spent With Media Is on the Rise – and So Is Snapchat

Time Inc. digital tries a paywall with Entertainment Weekly, while time spent with media seems to grow everywhere except in print

As time spent with media continues to rise, publishers don’t want to miss their opportunity to capitalize on the gravy train. The question is how. With social media like Snapchat? With sponsored content to lure ad buyers? With smart subscription strategy? Mequoda Members know the answer is all of the above – and more.

Today, we share five stories from MediaPost that touch on these topics and more.

Time Spent With Media Climbs Steadily …

According to a recent study from Publicis ZenithOptimedia, time spent with media is expected to rise 1.4% this year, MediaPost reports, bringing the average to 492 minutes daily. An estimated 22.6% of that is on the Internet, which will increase to 28.6% in 2017. Traditional channels continue to narrow.

“Mobile technology in particular has created new opportunities to consume media, by allowing people to access the internet while out and about – shopping, commuting to work, waiting to meet friends, and so on,” the report states.

“The average person already spends half their waking life consuming media. But people around the world are clearly hungry for even more opportunities to discover information, enjoy entertainment and communicate with each other, and new technology is supplying these opportunities. Technology also enables brands to communicate with and learn from consumers in new ways. We expect media consumption to continue to grow for the foreseeable future, multiplying the opportunities for brands to develop relationships with consumers.”

… but Print Magazine Newsstand Sales Are Dropping

MediaPost reports that the latest numbers from tracking service MagNet don’t show a lot of hope for print-dependent publishers. Newsstand units sold in the first quarter of 2015 were down 14.2% in the U.S. and Canada year-over-year. The overall dollar figure, meanwhile, dipped 8.3% to $644.5 million. Publishers both distributed and sold fewer copies, a particularly nasty combination.

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Time Inc. Digital Debuts EW Paywall

Time Inc. digital keeps rolling on and staying in the headlines. Recently, it made news by finally breaking down and phasing in some paid content. Fittingly, EW, one of its most successful titles, hosts the pilot paywall. Time, People, Money, Health, and Real Simple will also get the metered treatment, MediaPost reports.

Is Snapchat the Next Social Media Network to Go Public?

Snapchat, social media with skyrocketing popularity among teens and twentysomethings, and, therefore, brands and publishers,has raised another $573 million in its latest round of funding and is seriously considering an IPO, MediaPost reports.

“Snapchat ads are the most exciting ad product since YouTube TrueView,” Daily Mail North America CEO and former BuzzFeed President Jon Steinberg Tweeted, according to MediaPost, adding. “At $.02 [per view] a no brainer for any brand interested in 18-24s.”

Eric Korsh Picked to Head Mashable Content Studio

Mashable is the next publisher to adopt a “studio” model for branded content – with an emphasis on video – and has hired former DigitasLBi senior vice president of brand social & content Eric Korsh to run it, MediaPost reports.

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