Tips From SIPA UK Lead to Sessions in Miami

Tips From SIPA UK Conference Become Session Starters for Miami Meeting

David Foster, CEO of BVR in Portland, Ore., sat in on the marketing directors’ roundtable at July’s SIPA UK Conference in London, and sent back some thoughts from the participants. We’ve now added interesting tie-ins to sessions at the Annual Marketing Conference in Miami. It’s exciting when Conferences build off each other.

1. When hiring, be sure to check the prospective staff member’s use of social media. Particularly for marketing staff, if they’re not present on LinkedIn or Facebook or something else, they probably aren’t going to adapt to your program. Plus, you’ll know more about what kind of people they are.
Miami Keynote – How Not to Waste Your Time on Social Media, Matt Bailey, SiteLogic Marketing. “How much time should I spend on social media?” It’s the most frequently asked question of SEO and analytics hero Matt Bailey—and very much the wrong one. Bailey will articulate how the specialized publishing industry is uniquely positioned to make social media work for it—not the other way around.

2. Search Linkedin for acronyms of professional certifications in your market to find new leads—you’ll often get new entrants into your market sooner than you might from other list development techniques.
Miami – Top 30 Social Media Marketing Tips in 60 Minutes, Doug Haslam, Voce Communications, Matt Bailey, SiteLogic Marketing. Attendees are guaranteed to come away with 29 terrific new ideas that can be implemented to either launch or give new life to any social media marketing effort. And you can be sure that Linkedin will be in the mix.

3. Does your order form work on the iPhone (and other cell phones)? Would you try to order your products on your cellphone? This may be a more important technological capability than a new app. More people have cellphones than iPads or access to iTunes. (Several people quoted the statistic that only 3% of cellphones are iPhones). Editor’s note: Stephanie Ivy from EB Medicine wrote that companies should find the statistics for their own users. “We surveyed our readers and found
that 36% had iPhones. So, while the majority of Americans might not have them, this may not be reflective of SIPA members’ unique subscriber bases.
Miami – Kindles and iPads and iPhone: Marketing Content via New Platforms, J.W. Philip Ramsey, BNA
Mitch Eisen, Real Magnet, Andy Swindler, Astek Consulting/Epiphany.
This breakout session should provide some great discussion.

4. Would it be worthwhile to set up an internal charge for use of email lists so that marketers begin to understand that use of email is not “free”?
Miami has two Roundtables on this: Email Segmentation and Harnessing Email Marketing Technology.

5. What skills do marketers need now? There’s increased need for data analytics, obviously. People need to be comfortable with Google analytics so “you don’t send 80,000 emails to get 14 attendees at a Web seminar.” But, several people also commented on the need for marketers to be market-knowledgeable, so they can move copy from editorial products into social media and PR. “We need marketers to run databases, to manipulate editorial content and marketing copy, and to think like publishers,” one attendee commented.
Miami has a Pre-Conference workshop: Improving Marketing Results With Web Analytics and SEO with Matt Bailey. SEO need not be an outrageous science; it’s just a better use of words. Simple changes, such as a page title, can make a big difference.

6. Content-based marketing email is still the most powerful marketing approach for most managers at the roundtable. But, it’s often hard to manage success here, given the metrics of open rate, click-thrus and revenue. It’s hard to see patterns in the sea of email marketing data we all get.
Two more Miami Roundtables: Putting Google’s Best Web Tools to Work for You and B2C Best Marketing Practices.

Lawson will also be leading a breakout session titled Repurposing Editorial to Double Your Marketing Results. Most marketers agree that repurposing content in free downloads, blogs, social networking sites, or ezines is the single most effective way to increase sales revenue. Yet, how much of the editorial created or licensed by your organization is actually re-deployed to increase marketing results?

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