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TODAY is the LAST DAY to Save 35% On Your Seat at the Mequoda Summit

Space at our upcoming Mequoda Summit is dwindling and today is the deadline to register at our early-bird rate, so register today!

Space at our upcoming Mequoda Summit is dwindling and today is the deadline to register at our early-bird rate, so register today!

If you’ve been contemplating sending yourself or your team to the Mequoda Summit, today is the day to register.

If you register today, you can attend at the low price of only $1097. Even more, if you decide to register more than one person, you’ll both (or all) attend for only $997.

What you’ll learn at the Mequoda Summit:

  • How to SEO articles, landing pages, press releases and any other type of content you are producing on the web.

  • How to create a keyword universe that gives your editors specific niche keyword phrases to target in their articles, and inspires new story ideas on topics you didn’t even realize your audience was looking for.

  • How to do an online market analysis and discover who your biggest competitors are in the online space. Then we’ll show you how to partner with those competitors in order to boost your reputation and Google rank.

  • The methods and strategies other publishers have used to successfully repurpose old print content on the web, whether through new list-building free reports or membership libraries.

  • How to test your landing pages using tools like Google Website Optimizer. Bob Brady and Josh Baker of Business & Legal Reports will show the surprising results of their A/B and multivariate tests that will help you in your own decision-making.

  • How to become your own social media expert or train your editors to be the voice of your brand. Shirley Brady of BusinessWeek, Kathy McCabe of Dream of Italy and Amanda MacArthur of Mequoda Group will all discuss their internal strategies that have boosted sales and traffic for their online publishing businesses.

  • How to maximize email conversion rates with an effective email template—sponsored or not— and boost your RPM through the roof with several different types of email templates that fit your business.

  • How to become a successful multi-platform publisher by discussing the media pyramids of several different publishers who have turned their traditional print companies into to multi-platform publishing empires by incorporating digital events, membership websites and more into their online business models.

  • How to get on top of production and marketing for your events by listening to David Pyle, VP/Division Publisher for Art, Jewelry + Yarn at Interweave Press who will explain how he creates and markets his own B2C events.

  • How you can successfully integrate print and online teams effectively without alienating your print staff. Clay Hall, CEO of Aspire Media, Bob Brady of Business & Legal Reports and Charlie Spahr, President of Ceramic Publications Company will collaborate on a panel to discuss how they’ve organized their teams for maximum productivity.

Get going and register for the Mequoda Summit today!

By Amanda MacArthur

Research Director & Managing Editor

Amanda is responsible for all the articles you read on the Mequoda Daily portal and every email newsletter delivered to your inbox from us. She is also our in-house social media expert and would love to chat with you over on @Mequoda. She has worked with Mequoda for almost a decade, helping to evolve the Mequoda Method through research, testing and developing new best practices in digital publishing, editorial strategy, email marketing and audience development. Amanda is a co-author of our four digital publishing handbooks.

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