Tons of Publishers’ News: Time Inc. Digital, Rodale, Niche Media, and More

Latest publishers’ news includes personnel moves, mergers & acquisitions, and multiplatform advances

For publishers, news from across the industry is nonstop these days, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Keeping tabs on the activity of other digital magazines and media companies makes for an instructive exercise in both inspiring stories and cautionary tales for publishing executives. And sometimes it’s fun to just gather up some gossip from among your peers.

Speaking of which, it’s been a while since we checked in with Keith J. Kelly’s Media Ink column in the New York Post, one of the very best in the business when it comes to breaking industry news, scooping huge announcements, and sifting through the rumors. In recent weeks, he’s shown why, with articles that check all of those boxes. Let’s take a look at the goods!

Publishing Executives: Promotions, Resignations, and Shuffles

The biggest publishers’ news comes from the otherwise sure and steady Rodale, whose Organic Life launched just five months ago and is already without a publisher. Ellen Carucci has left for Manifest Media citing a great opportunity, Kelly reports.

On the topic of short stints, Nylon has named a replacement for Carrie Reynolds, who lasted as chief revenue officer from April to July, according to Kelly. Sean Cullinane is the new CRO.

Meanwhile, at Condé Nast, the legendary Newhouse family is going through a transition of power. Patriarch S.I. is stepping aside, Kelly reports, and Charles Townsend will succeed him as chairman of the board, while younger Newhouse family members will continue to serve in various capacities. Bob Sauerberg is Condé’s new CEO.

Finally, at Time Inc., Irene Edwards is the new editor-in-chief at Sunset Magazine, Kelly reports.

More Multiplatform Strategy From Time Inc. Digital

Unsurprisingly, there’s more Time Inc. news, as the company has undertaken a massive multiplatform attack in recent months. The company has at least another couple of projects in store, including a niche auto site as well as dedicated video platform for Sports Illustrated.

“Time Inc. is taking another step to diversify its offerings. It plans to release six new films for desktop and mobile consumption before year-end via its newly unveiled Sports Illustrated Films division,” Kelly writes.

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“Time magazine actually got the ball rolling in the video realm last year with about a half dozen movies that debuted under Red Border Films. Time Inc. is teaming up with Mandalay Sports Media and Velocity to produce the SI Films programming.”

Meanwhile, the Drive launched in mid-September.

“It is one of the legacy media company’s most ambitious digital-only launches and is considered a crucial test for CEO Joe Ripp’s efforts to re-cast the company for the digital era,” according to Kelly.

“It is also one of the first projects to be launched by former Entertainment Weekly Editor Matt Bean, who was persuaded in January – after only a year at the helm of the weekly – to become senior vice president and head of the new unit.”

Niche Media and Modern Luxury Discussing Merger?

Two major regional magazine publishing companies might join powers, as Niche Media and Modern Luxury Media have been rumored to be thinking merger, Kelly reports. In this case, it would be MLM purchasing Niche – if a deal takes shape.

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For more publishers news, visit the NY Post’s Media Ink archive.


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