10 Top Multiplatform Publishing Posts of 2015

Our most-read multiplatform publishing posts of 2015 reveal a desire for better understanding of sponsorships, organization and cross-platform development

This year we’ve tackled everything from online advertising models, content recycling and building better multiplatform publishing teams in our Multiplatform Publishing Strategy articles. However, there are a few that have consistently been our highest read, commented on, and shared articles of the year. Before you start out 2016, catch up on what’s considered our most popular advice on Multiplatform Publishing, and share it with your fellow publishers.

1. 7 Internet Revenue Models Publishers Use to Generate Online Advertising Dollars

What comes to mind when you think about revenue models online? Is it a relatively new model that was designed specifically for the Internet? Or do you think of traditional business models that have transformed from the physical world to the digital world? Here are some helpful hints on generating revenue through online advertising.

2. 9 Guidelines for Content Aggregators Who Recycle the News

Content aggregation is sometimes given a bad name, because it’s so easy to do poorly. And it often is. But aggregating great content is just as valuable as creating great content.

3. The Best Advertorial Definition & Examples That Will Inspire You

The standards for advertorials are what they’ve always been: Make the sponsors who pay happy to be there, make the editors happy to publish it, and make the subscribers happy to read it.

4. The Benefits of Online Advertising in a Nutshell

Once upon a time, online advertising had a shady reputation. Luckily for publishers, that’s all in the past. Here are five reasons why online advertising is valuable to online publishers.

5. How Publishing Magazines on Kindle Will Boost Digital Circulation

If you’re not publishing magazines on Kindle yet, you’ve already missed out on new subscribers.

6. 12 Great Call to Action Examples from Magazine Publishers

Big and small publishers show everyone how website conversion is done, with these awesome call to action examples.

7. Using the MBTI to Build Better Multiplatform Publishing Teams: Working Within Personality Types

Multiplatform publishing teams thrive when members understand their Myers-Briggs personality types. If you haven’t read our post on why we use the MBTI to improve team performance, read it now. Then take a quick version of the MBTI test.

8. What is Multiplatform Publishing?

Multiplatform publishing is on the rise – how many platforms can your content be recycled on?

9. 28 Creative Ideas for Blog Posts [+ Video]

When we racked our brains to come up with a solid list of ideas for portal posts any editor would be able to work with, we came up with 28 different ways to deliver new content without burning out. The best part is most of it involves content you already own!

10. How An Internet Marketing Services Agency Could Catapult Your Multiplatform Publishing Capacity

Because multiplatform publishing requires a much more diverse skill set than traditional publishing, outsourcing has become one of the keys to creating a leaner, meaner 21st century publishing machine. Niche publishers can benefit from outsourcing specialized skills they don’t need access to 40 hours a week.

I also feel like the above list of multiplatform publishing posts is making the rich richer, and we published a lot more great content this year that I think deserves another spin—so here’s our personal list of additional favorites we recommend reading before the new year:

Do you have any favorite articles of the year that helped you run a better business? Share them with us in the comments below, even if they’re not ours!



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