TSI Network Seeks Chief Marketing Officer

About the Chief Marketing Officer position

TSINetwork.ca is seeking a Chief Marketing Officer to lead their Direct Response marketing efforts. To fit this position, candidates must have a decade or more (or the equivalent) of hands-on experience with Direct Mail marketing techniques. These techniques will be primarily performed through online marketing, with occasional Direct (postal) Mail campaigns, and both postal and online renewal efforts.

The ideal CMO candidate will have a decade or more of Direct Mail marketing experience, ideally in magazine or newsletter publishing, for some other type of periodical publisher, or in selling a continuation product. Having interest in, or being familiar with, investing or related financial topics, is a plus.

The CMO’s core responsibility is to manage and expand the size and profitability of the current marketing efforts, mainly by making greater use of proven Direct Mail marketing techniques, on and off the web. TSINetwork.ca seeks a CMO who has first-hand experience at testing all aspects of both the offers made for the products and services, and the way they present those offers to the prospect. Aided by in-house talent and outside specialists, the CMO will come up with a steady stream of A/B (or A/B/C…) split tests. The CMO will have the job of interpreting and analyzing the test results to guide the way to continued gains in ROI. The CMO will also play a major role in new product launches.

Applying for the position

This is very much a C-suite opportunity, with a lot of responsibility, and earning potential to match. Duties will include drawing up a marketing budget with revenue targets. Meeting or beating your targets will have a major impact on your yearly compensation.

If you are interested in this position, start by taking a look at TSINetwork.ca. TSI feels very strongly about the value of what they offer investors and are equally enthusiastic about their business model, which aims at serving investors in two ways: first, providing them with top-quality products and services; second, ensuring that everything they do is free from the conflicts of interests that plague today’s financial industry.

If you’re the person TSINetwork.ca is looking for, you’ll be enthusiastic about the organization’s corporate future and the value offered to current and future clients, subscribers and employees. If you’re the right candidate, please send your resume, along with a cover letter explaining how your background fits the position’s needs. Address it to Pat McKeough, President of The Successful Investor Inc, at the email address below:


About TSINetwork.ca

TSINetwork.ca is the home of four of Canada’s top investment publications: The Successful Investor; Stock Pickers Digest; Wall Street Stock Forecaster; and Canadian Wealth Advisor. An affiliate offers portfolio management to Canadian investors.

The website is believed to be the world’s largest source of free, high-quality investment information and advice on Canadian stocks. This free information comes from archives of paid publications, plus work produced specially for the site.

The business began in the early days of the Internet, relying almost totally on Direct Mail marketing. While they sell products and services through their website and social media, there is still a heavy reliance on classic Direct Mail techniques.

TSINetwork.ca relies heavily on SEO to attract web traffic. At the site, visitors can download free reports on a variety of investment topics, or browse the archives for free. The site offers visitors a free subscription to the daily email newsletters, which provides readers with valuable investing information, at no cost. These email newsletters also provide a highly efficient and effective vehicle for advertising paid products and services.

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