Twitter Advertisers Beta Test Click-To-Call Button

via Digital Trends

via Digital Trends

Twitter advertisers have recently been beta testing a new direct response ad unit in their Twitter ads. It’s a “click-to-call” button that allows mobile users to respond to a Twitter ad by calling an advertiser directly.

John McDermott  from Digiday writes, “A click-to-call button could potentially help Twitter break into the traditionally digital-averse local advertising market. A local restaurant could advertise a special to Twitter users within a certain proximity, for instance, and measure conversions by how many Twitter users ended up calling for reservations.”

This new click-to-call button can also be useful to publishers that want to drive special subscription pricing to Twitter followers. We’ll see if the click to call button becomes available to all Twitter Advertisers.

To read more about Twitter’s click to call button visit Digiday.



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