What Types of Content Marketing Gets Shared?

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

Content marketing isn’t the new thing anymore. Many digital publishers and digital marketers have gotten on board with content marketing, and many others plan on doing so.

An article from eMarketer takes a look at what type of content works for content marketing efforts. Since there is so much content being sent around the Internet, it’s important to understand what presents value and what does not.

The types of content marketing being used vary, but according to eMarketer, social media is a huge focus. “Redshift Research polling for Bite in February 2014 found that 71% of UK marketing decision-makers were creating content marketing materials for social media, well above second-place white papers, mentioned by 38% of respondents.”

More research shows the types of content that get response, with content that “makes you laugh” topping the list of Internet users with 31% citing it. “Offers, discounts & vouchers” follow, with 26%, and content “Your friends would like” rounds out the top three at 25%.

Learn more about content marketing stats at eMarketer.

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