Understanding The Vice Digital Media Strategy

via Vice

via Vice

Vice has experienced success that many digital publishers dream about. The company went from being a print magazine to a major global media company. And as journalism.co.uk points out, the firm is valued at $2.5 billion.

So what’s the main strategy that Vice utilizes to be as successful as it is? It really goes beyond the idea of platforms, whether print or digital, and focuses on the process of storytelling. Storytelling creates significant human connection, and Vice has realized that with its work.

Michael Derkits, the head of news business at Vice media, shared his thoughts on Vice’s success with journalism.co.uk. “We need to be authentic, we need to be genuine, we need to be real. For Vice, authentic storytelling opens the doors to this younger audience that wants “something that actually has value”, and that is honest, brave, and offers “some sort of fundamental truth”.”

Read more about Vice’s success at journalism.co.uk. 

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