Using Content Marketing to Sell Products, Subscriptions and Live Events

Hours of live commentary and actionable strategies for Content Marketing

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we continued our coverage of content marketing, the most important marketing concept for online publishers and Internet marketers.

If you missed it, the article discussed six components for a successful content marketing strategy.

These steps outlined all the necessary actions that make up content marketing – from creating the content to distributing and promoting it.

To add to the list of written content marketing components, dig deep into your memory to recall writing classes from college.

Having trouble? Try these suggestions for better content marketing with the written word:

-Content Marketing Tip #1: Avoid using clichés – You want your voice to be unique, so do not use phrases that are tired, over-used and don’t communicate effectively.

-Content Marketing Tip #2: Industry jargon – When attempting to attract new members, do not use industry jargon that only seasoned veterans will understand. You will alienate the inexperienced among you.

-Content Marketing Tip #3: Use active voice – Being direct is very important in content marketing. For instance, “John published the article” is much more direct, and engaging than “The article was published by John”. Consider this writing element in your content.

We’ve shared this information, and much more on content marketing, due to its relevancy to content-based online business models and Internet marketing. The Internet is the perfect medium for sharing content, building a community and selling products. Content producers and publishers need to not only realize this, but also take the efforts to develop a successful content marketing strategy.

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Content Marketing Live

At our upcoming Mequoda Summit West 2011, content marketing will be the main focus of our individual sessions, as they will discuss topics that are aligned with the world of content marketing.

In addition to the associated sessions, there will be specific sessions on the topic of content marketing. One session is Content Marketing Basics.

Content Marketing Basics: Using Content to Sell Books, Apps, Subscriptions and Live Events

This half-day workshop dives into the job changes that the industry has experienced. As online publishers, we aren’t just creating targeted content to a direct group of loyal subscribers anymore. Instead, we are busy discovering new platforms and attracting new audience members through blogs and social networks. We also have the job of SEO copywriting so that our content can be found organically within search engines.

If you are striving to understand this new evolution in online publishing, you’re not alone. Statistically, 78% of marketers who participated in the Meltwater Group’s Future of Content survey believe that content is the key to success for organizations.

This is a concept we have been preaching for years because we have seen the success behind strong content.

In this session we will explore online publishing trends, statistics, metrics and case studies compiled by the Mequoda Research team. The knowledge shared during the four-hour workshop is for every level of employee, from CEOs and publishers to editors and marketers. Plus, attendees will have the chance take our Mequoda Content Marketing Certification exam following the Summit, free of charge.

The Mequoda Summit West 2011 is a few months away, but if you register before January 28th, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars on the registration fee. As always, the more employees or colleagues you bring, the cheaper the rate. Learn more and register now.


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