Utilizing Online Video Content

How are people finding the videos you’re creating for content marketing purposes?

According to Alexa.com, YouTube is the third most popular website on the entire Internet. One can see why it’s so popular if you take a few moments to browse it. There are all types of video content on the site, but what catches my eye the most is the fact that there’s so much user-generated content.

User-generated content is easy to create nowadays since video recording equipment has come down greatly in price. You can even buy an HD Mino Flip for under $200 online.

Being able to easily and affordably create video content is perfect for online publishers who are experimenting with media-rich multi-platform branding.

Although video content is popular, how can you be sure that your content will be found?

Video Content

Optimizing your video content is a great start in getting your content found. The same basics apply to video as they do for text-based content. Optimizing content-based video is a great way of reaching new audiences and better serving your current audience members who crave digital video content. Properly optimized content may even find its way into high rankings on Google searches.

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The following basics will help you better optimize your video content.

Video content optimization tip #1 – Optimize surrounding text and meta tags: Whether you are hosting your own video content or putting it on places like YouTube, you should include text around or below the video that is rich with the keyword phrases you are targeting. Places like YouTube also allow you to tag specific terms. Do this for all the keywords that align with the video content. Be sure to include as many as you can, as long as they are relevant to your content.

Video content optimization tip #2 – Optimize the title, file name and URL: Creating a catchy title will encourage people to watch. Creating a catchy title that incorporates keyword phrases is smart from an optimization standpoint. Include keywords in the actual file name of your video and the URL that it’s hosted under.

Video content optimization tip #3 – Provide an article or transcript with the video: Describe in words the content that’s found in your video. Be sure to optimize the article for your keyword phrases. Include a link to the video and upload the content to your blog. You could also turn that article into a press release, which could be leveraged through free or paid press release distribution sites online.

Video content optimization tip #4 – Make sure searchers know you’re providing video content: In addition to creating a catchy, keyword-rich title, add the word “video” in the title. This way there will not be a question as to what format you’re offering content on.

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