Vida y Salud Wins Annual Mequoda Rocket Award

Soaring success in the online publishing industry deserves to be rewarded…

The Mequoda Rocket Award honors the fastest growing website among Mequoda’s Gold Member websites.

As the name implies, the Rocket Award acknowledges online publishers who soar above their competition to position themselves at an admirable place in the online environment.

The Mequoda Rocket Award, which premiered in 2009, was originally created by looking at a large sample of online publishing websites. In 2010, we started looking only at Mequoda Gold Member websites. The winner of the Rocket Award is the online publisher who experiences the greatest growth in online traffic throughout the year.

This year’s winner is Vida y Salud, the Spanish language health website that experienced a growth in traffic of 715%, a massive feat for any online business.

In addition to winning the Rocket Award, Carl Kravetz and Aliza Liftshitz of Vida y Salud were inducted to the Mequoda Hall of Fame this year, due to their major successes in being an influential source of health information for the Hispanic community.

The second runner-up was Investing Daily, which grew by 491%. In third place was Interweave’s Quilting Arts, which experienced a growth of 100%.

Everyone at Mequoda Group would like to congratulate Vida y Salud, this year’s Rocket Award winner.


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