Video, Viewability, Monetization on Publishers’ Minds

3 recent studies focus on video, viewability, and whether publishers are satisfied with their website performance

With emergent factors like video, viewability in a mobile world, and website revenues rightfully obsessing digital publishers around the world, finding solid data to focus the head-spinning stream of opinions, perspectives, and impressions is a big help.

Today, we check out three articles from eMarketer for just such data. For our own free Digital Magazine Market Study, click here.

How Millennials Are Consuming Video

Millennials are consuming video with a very low tolerance for substandard quality or technical bumbling, eMarketer reports. They can pick and choose what they watch – and they do.

Three-quarters of the 750 26- to 34-year-old respondents to a Trendera survey said they devote fewer than four minutes to a poor video experience. On the other hand, strong video service can yield 20-minute durations. Half said they would close a video and try again, but 40% said they would abandon it altogether.

According to eMarketer, 37% subscribe to specific channels to receive certain videos, while 30% relied on social referrals. Finally, 40% follow video recommendations from trusted sites.

eMarketer’s own research shows that 96% of 18- to 24-year-olds and 90% of 25- to 34-year-olds will watch a video via any device at least monthly in 2015.

Ad Viewability: Mobile vs. Desktop

According to eMarketer, reporting on data from Sizmek, it’s not much of a contest: mobile viewability trumps desktop.

“The study looked at measurable impressions served worldwide by Sizmek in 2014 and found that ad placements sized for mobile were more viewable than desktop-specific creative for almost all display ad formats. HTML5 standard banner viewability was especially strong on mobile, at 79.3% on average, vs. 48.4% for desktop. Rates hovered around 70% for HTML5 rich media and Flash standard banners on mobile, compared with about 50% on desktop. Flash rich media ads were the only exception, with desktop leading in average viewability rate by about 30 percentage points,” eMarketer reports.

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“Mobile-specific display ads were more viewable than desktop ads worldwide whether purchased directly through publishers or programmatically. Viewability rates for mobile publisher direct ads were 74.1%, vs. 54.4% on desktop. Programmatic placements on mobile saw average viewability of 81.4%, while desktop came in at just 39.7%.”

eMarketer pegs digital ad spending in the United States at upward of $59 billion for 2015, with mobile marking about half of that. Furthermore, by 2019, mobile ads will account for a staggering three-quarters of buys.

Are Website Revenues Where Publishers Want Them?

A recent Adaptive Media’s poll, relayed by eMarketer, indicates that one quarter of publishers are dissatisfied with their website revenues, with 42% saying generating revenues was slower and harder than in the past.

Two-thirds, meanwhile, said they have not enlisted outside services to help them manage and optimize website performance and ad tools.

Publishers are struggling with the widespread implementation of outside human analytic input, native ads, and reliable measurement, according to additional data from Cxense.

How’s your video, viewability, and website monetization when it comes to connecting with consumers and advertisers? Let us know in the comments!

To read more about video, viewability, and web revenue, visit eMarketer.


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