What Gary Vaynerchuk Can Teach You About Being a Daily Online Publisher

If you thought your daily online publishing strategy was tough, try daily video publishing

When print magazines first entered the digital realm, they were—to put it lightly—not getting the concept of daily publishing. As publishers who were used to working against monthly or bi-monthly deadlines, it seemed absurd that they were now supposed to produce content like an average newsroom.

Slowly but surely, publishers saw how much their traffic increased, depending on the frequency of their content. If they posted once a day, they saw one big boost in traffic. If they posted three times a day, the might see three boosts. In fact, the more content they posted, the more pages were ranking in Google and the more long-tail traffic they were seeing as well.

A chart from Problogger by Dan Zarella shows that an increase in publishing frequency is directly related to an increase in traffic and inbound links:

In the last week or so, the famed host of WineLibrary.tv, Gary Vaynerchuk  shot his 1000th weekly episode and announced a new plan. He’d stop posting weekly wine tasting videos and move his character and charisma over to a new site, DailyGrape.com.

Six episodes into DailyGrape, you have to wonder if Gary is truly understanding the impact of a daily video publishing schedule. In a recent interview I heard with him, Vaynerchuk’s goal is to film and post on the same day, except in rare cases where he’ll record the day before.

If print publishers thought they had it hard 10 years ago when we were forcing them to simply write an article every day, imagine the strain of posting a video every day, through sickness and in health.

The online business model of Daily Grape?

I still haven’t been able to figure out the business model for Daily Grape. If anyone has any ideas, please chime in. I doubt he’s counting on the newsletter to build a big enough revenue stream to survive on, but I could be wrong. It’s possible that he’s charging wineries directly to be featured on DailyGrape, with no promise of an excellent review.

The Daily Grape, in no way, ties back to WineLibrary. For example, if you watch a video on DailyGrape and see a wine that you love, you won’t be able to immediate purchase it the way you once were offered that convenience via WineLibrary.tv.

Vaynerchuk, is of course, the best online extremist there is. Known as a “hustler” who lives and breathes his work and customers, this will be the true test of whether it’s actually feasible to be a daily online video publisher in the same capacity that we publish blog posts. But as we know, even bloggers schedule posts a head of time.

In addition to this, Gary has officially joined the newsletter club, by now offering a monthly subscription to his wine review newsletter.

It hasn’t launched quite yet, but seems apparent that there will also be a digital archive of the content you’ll find in his newsletter just like any good newsletter subscription website.

Let’s remind ourselves that Gary V. is mostly a one-man team in this new endeavour. When it comes to producing this content on a daily basis, Vaynerchuk is taking the time to get this done each and every day. Considering the set up required for each and every episode (location, acquiring wines, etc.), it’s probably equivalent to the time required to write a daily blog post.

So what do you think? Could you add a little Gary V. “hustle” to your diet?


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