What’s a Publisher’s Number One Tool for Internet Marketing?

Your answer should be a free email newsletter, yes free

Traditional print publishers may have difficulty grasping the concept of giving away their content via a free email newsletter.  After all, isn’t that what they’ve been charging readers for? Isn’t that content their most valuable asset?

Welcome to the Internet, where an email address, or lots of them, is a publishers most valuable asset. Why you ask? When someone surrenders their email address, they agree to receive continuing messages online from you. It is incredibly valuable to you as a publisher to monetize that activity.

Free email newsletters enable a personal relationship to grow between you and the subscriber. For a Mequoda System Publisher, the free daily email newsletter is the foundation for the rest of their organization.

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Analyze Email Newsletter Circulation

Whether your email newsletter has 50,000 or 500,000 subscribers, circulation becomes an absolute key metric. It is easy to analyze over any given period of time: a day, a week, a month, a quarter or a year.

• How many subscribers did we have at the beginning of the period?
• How many did we add?
• How many did we drop?
• How many did we have at the end of the period?

Hopefully, you’ll have more subscribers at the end a period than the beginning. 😉

Improve Subscriber Retention Rate

We all know it’s the editor who is really responsible for the retention rate. Even more so in the online realm – we’ve seen online editors move retention rates by as much as 70 points! How? By making your content more entertaining, more relevant and more captivating.

Unlike print subscriptions with annual terms, your online subscribers can unsubscribe quite easily if they are no longer interested or if they are offended. With the click of one button, they can “spam” you to block any further messages.

That is why your free email newsletter must be your best content, written by your best writer and overseen by the best editor.

Do you offer a free daily email newsletter as part of your Internet marketing strategy? What results have you had, please comment below.


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