Where Are You Driving Your Traffic?

Point visitors to a landing page that’ll benefit you

Your rapid conversion landing page (RCLP) should be the place all links and promotions drive to. It is the foundation of your online endeavors. It’s the place that turns a casual visitor into a trusting consumer.

If you want to experience growth through your online initiatives, make sure you really grasp the importance of your rapid conversion landing page.

Now, in order for it to be of interest to visitors, your RCLP should offer something special. At Mequoda Group we offer free reports, like this one on Creating Sales Letter Landing Page Templates that Sell. We find that giving something away for free isn’t always enough. It has to have actual value to the consumer as well.

After showing the initial value on your RCLP, make the value consistent with the report you give away and the email newsletter that follows.

For instance, how many times have you been asked to sign up for a free email newsletter and did it only because it was free? Well, if you have, I’m sure you stopped paying attention to the emails as soon as you realized the information wasn’t worth it.

Or even worse, you may have unsubscribed at this point in time.

Do not give your audience a reason to unsubscribe. Your RCLP has the power to transform occasional visitors into paying customers, if the value is apparent throughout the entire process.

If you’re wondering what kind of content should be offered on your RCLP, rely on publication-quality material or any information that is so content-rich your visitors will be amazed there is no fee for it. Remember, your RCLP describes all the wonderful content that is available in this free report, that your subscribers will receive once they surrender their email address.


The value of your RCLP

This content you create for your RCLP is truly the price of email circulation. Before the modern advantage of the internet, publishers used to buy lists, pay for creative services, pay printing fees and postage needed for shipping. At the time, these expenses were necessary in building a circulation for print media.

Now, due to successful content marketing and email marketing strategies, circulation is built by giving away free, informative content that is of interest to the intended audience.

We call this long form content. It’s long-form on the RCLP itself, because the RCLP needs to convince the visitor that they should surrender their email address in order to access the next piece of long-form content, which is the free report.

If you want viewers to become actual consumers, build trust with them. Let the content you show them for free impress them so much that they couldn’t help but see the value in your product.

The quality information you write on your RCLPs and give away in your free reports should also help you receive links from other publishers who believe in your content. Search engines like Google will also have an easier time recommending your site and specifically, your RCLP, if it’s filled with quality content.

Your guide to community building

As mentioned earlier, your RCLP should be the destination all traffic is driven to. This includes all of the attention you give to social media exposure.

Whether you blog, tweet, or chat, this relationship building should include links to your RCLP as the destination for viewers. Being exposed to this content from the start is a good community building tool and will help to begin a long lasting relationship.


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