Online Publishing Jobs: Who Makes a Great Online Editor?

Marketers and Editors are jointly responsible for attracting and retaining a robust online audience

By now you should know that the definition of an online editor is not that different from an online marketer. In fact, if your online editors don’t have a little marketing in their blood, your online business could be at risk in the coming years (if it isn’t already).

Ten years ago, marketers were responsible for positioning products to sell, while editors were focused on producing great content. Online, the two are one in the same. You can’t be a profitable online business if no one finds your content or is enticed to buy your products. This is why we say that every editor must also be a marketer.

Last month we published an article that you all seemed to love on how to find and hire an Online Managing Editor. We’d like to follow it up with a couple superstars we know that are doing a great job at managing the editor/marketer hybrid position.

CRaig Better - Golf Vacation InsiderCraig Better,
Managing Editor

What does he do? Authors blog, email newsletter and free special reports at

Where did he come from? Prior to joining Golf Vacation Insider, Craig was a highly sought-after freelance writer who contributed to GOLF Magazine, Travel + Leisure Golf, Maxim Magazine,, and co-authored Zagat Survey’s book, America’s Top Golf Courses.

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Sandi Wiseheart - Knitting DailySandi Wiseheart
Managing Editor

What does she do? Authors blog, email newsletter, free downloadable patterns and facilitates the online community at

Where did she come from? A passionate knitter, crocheter, beader, weaver, and spinner, Sandi worked for four years at Interweave, first in the editorial staff for Interweave Knits and Interweave Crochet, and now as the host on Knitting Daily.

Ken Beaulieu - FuelNetKen Beaulieu
Chief Content Creator

What does he do? Authors blog, email newsletter and free special reports, PLUS fuelNet paid monthly newsletter, paid books and paid reports at

Where did he come from? Ken Beaulieu started his journalism career as an intern at The Boston Globe. After working as a reporter for The Lowell Sun and The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune newspapers, he held positions as Communications Director at Killington and Sunday River resorts. Ultimately, he returned to publishing and has been with Pohly for almost 12 years.

We chose these three online editors because they understand the balance of their editorial and marketing duties. The most primal of these duties is to write great content while selling a product. Remember, this is reason why you spent money on building your Internet Hub—to increase revenue, not just to chat.


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