Why you Need a Formal Editorial Policy for Driving Website Traffic with Recycled Content

Content marketing tip: every print publication should recycle, reuse and repurpose its premium content online

The key to a workable editorial strategy is developing a written document that establishes rules for timing, disaggregation, email posts, article length, and more

Here’s a riddle that many publishers still get wrong:

Does premium editorial content diminish in value over time until it becomes useless?

Answer: Diminish in value? Yes, perhaps as news. But often it can still serve some reader needs.

Become useless? No. Not usually.

Not if you recycle your editorial content as part of your primary online marketing program.

Not if you have a formal policy and procedures for using recycled editorial content to help search engines bring traffic to your website.

It’s really no brain-teaser. The most successful online publishers have proven that good editorial content doesn’t fade away, but can be an invaluable component of your online marketing program.

When does this happen? Days, months — sometimes even years — after it was first published in print. It all depends on your editorial policy.

How does this happen? Again, it depends on your editorial policy.

Do you have a formal, written, editorial policy covering recycling, reusing and repurposing your content online for marketing and search engine optimization?

If you don’t have a formal editorial policy for driving website traffic with recycled content, you should.


Your editorial policy should cover such issues as disaggregation, or how articles are to be broken up into posts and emails. And reused as special reports. And recycled with syndication partners.

Plus, you need to establish titling, categorization and tagging rules, in order to achieve the optimal use of primary keyword and secondary keyword phrases for SEO.

Additionally, you need a policy and rules for attributing content to authors, for internal hypertext linking, and for creating keyword clusters and tags.

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