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Convert a Content Management System into a state-of-the-art Content Marketing System without spending a dime on software.

I have supervised the engineering design for 36 Mequoda Content Marketing Systems, 11 releases of the Blue Dolphin Smart Sub Content Marketing System, plus a variety of other online marketing systems dating back to 1995.

I am not a programmer or developer. I am a system architect and system driver. Like most drivers, I want speed, flexibility, handling and instruments that give me key metrics in real time.  And I want it all for the least possible investment.

The Need for Speed

In the early 70s, I rode for Team Yamaha. In the late 70s, I drove a S5G Nuclear Reactor for the US Navy. Today, my car is an Audi S6 and my boat is a Hunter 38. My CMS is Mequoda WordPress 2.8X and I drive it very, very hard.

My Audi S6 is a stock limited edition. My Hunter has a blown out electronics package for solo navigation. My Mequoda WordPress System has 27 custom software extensions built to my specifications or carefully chosen by our research team from thousands of available WordPress plug-ins.

Mequoda WordPress CMS Capabilities

The Mequoda WordPress 2.8X System that I use allowed me to create, edit and traffic this post, send it as an email newsletter, zone it by topic, add all the tags that drive the site’s attraction and conversion architecture, merchandise it with paid Mequoda event offers… and if you (or any Member) clicks and buys, the system will process and record your order and payment, send you an acknowledgement, and make all your data available to our customer service and reporting team. It will add the transaction to your ‘My Account’ page and send you an email reminder 24 hours before the event. It can also sell you a Mequoda Pro Membership, grant you access to all premium content you deserve and renew your membership every 12 months for as long as you live. If your credit card fails to process in some future year, it will remind you to update and if you don’t, it will prompt our Member Services Manager to give you a call before your access lapses.

So what else does my Mequoda WordPress System do that makes me (and my fellow Mequoda System drivers) so happy to slip in behind the wheel? Here are 21 more functions my WordPress does over and above the stock edition:


• Unlimited Custom Registration Offers

• Conditional Conversion Architecture

• Zoned Text Include & Banner Delivery

• Visual Conversion Path Reporting

• Registration Import Batching

• Integrated WhatCounts Email Management

• Integrated Beacon Event Management

• Digital Member Access Management

• Unlimited Sales Letter Order Flows

• Integrated Payment Processing

• Real-time Action Source Tracking

• Advanced Category Management

• Keyword Auto Tagging

• Automated Related Post Referrals

• Persistent Global Navigation

• Google Custom Search Results

• Site Sidebar Management

• Original Source Lifetime Tracking

• Google Analytics Reporting

• Integrated Landing Page Optimization

• Integrated Customer Service Management

Don’t Buy a CMS – Download one for free

I know Christmas is over, but seriously… If you are looking to upgrade your online content marketing system in 2010, don’t spend money to buy a CMS. Download WordPress and the Mequoda System plug-ins from the Mequoda Pro Download Library and get to work. Need some help with the specs? Just post a reply and I will give you a call.

Happy driving!



    I am interested in the Mequoda System plug-ins. What are they? Can I buy them? Or are they only available in the Mequoda Pro Download Library?

    Kind regards,



      Hi Krister,

      Our Mequoda System plug-ins are only available in the Mequoda Pro Download Library. Sorry for any inconvenience.



    I am setting up a direct to homeowner website for homeowners facing problems with their mortgage. This website will contain information about the regulations in each state along with information about individual lenders and loan modifications companies (both profit and non-profit companies). Bart of the website will be an easy to use beb based form for visitors to file complaints about loan mod companies and lenders with the state regulatory offices as well as a reporting of regulatory actions by state as by lender or mod company. Each section of the website will include a blog for visitors to interact and to initiate discussions about their experiences dealing with the state regulators, lenders, or modification company/service. I plan to use WordPressMU for managing the 1000+ blogs that will be included in this system. Will the Mequoda WordPress System integrate with MU or only with the standard WordPress system? Does the Mequoda system provide me with the ability to generate one article and post it to multiple blogs (e.g., if a state initiates a regulatory action against a company–or lender–I would like to create an article and post it in the regulatory action blog for that state AND the blog for the specific mod company or lender). Please call me at 727-320-5436 so I cna explain in more detail what I want to accomplish with this system.


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