World’s Largest Paywall Providers Teaming Up

via Press+

via Press+

Press+, a major supplier of paid content paywalls for U.S. sites, has been purchased by 3TS Capital Partners and will be joined with its paywall property Piano Media, reports Folio.

3TS Capital Partners acquired Press+ through Piano Media because, as Pekka Måki, managing partner of 3TS stated, “Paid content has enormous growth potential around the world.”

We’ve seen paywalls work for some major publishers, so now it seems more options will be available. With this merging, Piano Media expects to bring more resources to publishers, including technology, data and knowledge.

According to the article, “Kelly Leach, most recently managing director for The Wall Street Journal’s EMEA division, will head the group as CEO.”

The Wall Street Journal is one publisher who has found success with the use of a paywall, so having Leach head the group sounds like a great strategy.

Read more about Press+ and Piano Media merging at Folio.



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