Yahoo’s Mobile Advertising Revenue Expected to Grow

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

Yahoo is growing in the world of mobile advertising, according to new data from eMarketer.

According to the article, “Yahoo’s efforts over the past couple years to build traffic and engagement are finally paying off, as its revenues will continue to increase more quickly than the overall market. Yahoo’s net mobile ad revenues in the US will leap 76.4% next year, eMarketer estimates, and 57.8% in 2016.”

Of course, the overall market share for Yahoo is low compared to that of Google and Facebook, but Yahoo is expected to grow more than the others over the next few years.

One intriguing aspect of eMarketer’s forecast is that Yahoo’s growth is expected to put them ahead of Twitter for digital mobile advertising share. For 2015, Yahoo’s mobile ad share is predicted to be 3.74 percent while Twitter’s mobile ad share is predicted at 3.69 percent.

Read more about mobile advertising predictions at eMarketer.

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