You Might Be a Publisher If…

What is a Publisher?

We have found that many in the publishing industry today don’t want to be labeled as a “publisher”.  Having spent over 30 years in the publishing industry, Don Nicholas, our editor-in-chief, wants us to clear up any misgivings or misconceptions about this label.

Wiktionary defines a publisher as “one who publishes, especially books. Generally refers to a publishing company, though also applied to people.”  Ok, that’s a little vague.

Mequoda defines a publisher as “one who publishes, print or online, books, magazines, newspapers, handbooks, manuals, newsletters, periodicals, software, special reports, and blogs. Generally referring to a product or download, it also applies to one who researches, writes, or manages content of events such as seminars, webcasts,webinars, conferences, radio & TV”.

You might be a publisher if…

Still don’t think you’re a publisher? Take our little quiz and find out for sure.  If you answer yes to one or more of the following statements, you, my friend, are a publisher.

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  • you create magazines, newsletters, books, webpages, webinars, audio conferences, loose-leaf services, or any other information product
  • you are responsible for research and content development for any publication
  • you are affiliated with SIPA, MPA, FIPP, ABM, OPA and the like
  • you write a blog or contribute regularly to someone else’s blog
  • you create and send out email newsletters for your company
  • you post pictures or videos with captions or commentary
  • you manage content development for special reports or online seminars
  • you are responsible for editorial and marketing content be it online, print or actual products
  • you initiate and manage SEO, PR and link-building campaigns for all network content pages
  • you build and maintain relationships with print editors and industry association staff
  • you manage LinkedIn and Twitter content distribution and dialogue
  • you produce and promote company-related information products

In other words, you are a publisher if you publicly post information.  Now that we have established the fact that you are indeed a publisher, how can Mequoda help you?

I’m glad you asked.  We teach publishers the best practices in online publishing and marketing.  How? Through the Mequoda Publishing & Marketing System.

The Mequoda System is a comprehensive set of best practices for digital publishing that has been implemented by hundreds of publishers using wide variety of software platforms and tools. The Mequoda System is an open source blue print for digital publishing success.

Any publisher can choose to be a Mequoda System Publisher simply by choosing to follow the Mequoda System Best Practice Guidelines as developed by the 100 Mequoda System Publishers we study, and documented by the Mequoda Group Research & Development Team.

A great place to get started is with Mequoda Pro.  You’ll have on-demand access to our video seminars, as well as a Q&A archive based on questions from other Mequoda Pro members.


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