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Food Gardening Magazine Publishes December Garden-to-Table for the Holidays Issue

Food Gardening Network’s December 2022 issue highlights garden-to-table holiday dinner and edible gift ideas.

Food Gardening Network, publisher of Food Gardening Magazine, has released their December 2022 issue, highlighting garden-to-table holiday ideas, including an eight-course menu and 21 gift ideas from the garden.

The December issue of Food Gardening Magazine features four videos and feature articles that offer gardeners tips for winter gardening activities, as well as ideas for gifts made with herbs and vegetables from the garden. Plus, readers will get a full, eight-course meal plan for holiday gatherings.

Beginning with How to Keep Gardening in December, Senior Editor and Producer Amanda MacArthur will share five gardening activities readers can do right now to grow food indoors or start planning their spring garden.

In 12 Edible Gift Ideas From Your Garden, readers will be inspired to make herb blends, salad dressings, tea, and other gifts from the garden that they can share with friends and family. Likewise, 9 Crafty Gifts You Can Make From Your Garden teaches readers how to make seed packets, DIY concrete stepping stones, homemade bug spray, and more.

Then readers can discover a complete holiday meal plan, in 8 Recipes for a Garden-To-Table Holiday Dinner. MacArthur points out that “this meal plan for a complete garden-to-table holiday dinner includes everything I need for a big family gathering—from the bird to the fixins, dessert, and a hot cocktail!”

The December issue of Food Gardening Magazine also includes in-depth articles about lemons, cauliflower, and garlic. These articles explore the Food Gardening Network’s latest gardening guides while providing valuable information on their own. Subscribers get instant access to the premium gardening guides themselves, too.

In How Big Do Lemon Trees Get?, readers can find out which lemon tree is right for them, from taller trees that can reach heights of 30 feet to container-sized trees that can live indoors.

In Discover the 6 Cauliflower Growing Stages, gardeners will learn what to expect from this somewhat mysterious cruciferous vegetable.

Then, in How to Make Black Garlic, readers will discover the culinary techniques that result in sweet and smoky black garlic, and they’ll learn how to make their own at home.

In all, the December issue of Food Gardening Magazine offers readers four feature articles, four accompanying videos, and three Gardening Guide Close-Ups spotlighting lemons, cauliflower, and garlic. These gardening guides offer comprehensive, in-depth information about a single fruit, herb, or vegetable, from starting seeds to dealing with pests and diseases, and from nutrition facts to delicious recipes.

View the December 2022 issue of Food Gardening Magazine now.

About Food Gardening Network: Food Gardening Network was founded by home food gardeners and for home food gardeners—the mission is to serve gardeners with tips, tools, advice, and recipes for growing and enjoying good food at home. During the Covid-19 pandemic that began in 2020, it became apparent that home food gardening would grow beyond a hobby for many home gardeners. Food Gardening Network launched in January of 2021 as an all-encompassing resource for gardeners of all skill levels, with in-depth articles on planning, planting, maintaining, and harvesting home garden crops. Food Gardening Network also includes easy-to-prepare recipes so home gardeners can enjoy the fruits of their labors in delicious, creative ways.

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