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Food Gardening Magazine Publishes October Autumn Gardening Issue

Food Gardening Network, publisher of Food Gardening Magazine, has released their October 2022 issue highlighting five vegetables to plant in October, plus how gardeners can extend their season with a cold frame or hoop house.

The October issue of Food Gardening Magazine features four videos and articles that offer gardeners tips on extending their growing season in the fall and getting an early start in the spring. Beginning with 5 Vegetables to Plant in October, readers will learn about five vegetables that can go in the ground now for either an early winter harvest or a winter dormancy followed by an early spring harvest.

For readers who enjoy garden projects, How to Build a DIY Hoop House for Raised Beds introduces a simple way to create a warm garden bed for crops. The project is easy, inexpensive, and only takes about an hour to complete.

Senior Editor Amanda MacArthur describes the results: “There are hoop house kits you can buy online that range from $40 to $200, but you’re stuck with what you get, whereas this project allows you to customize to the width and length you need. Plus, you can create a rainbow garden like mine if you use hula hoops.”

For those gardeners who want to plan ahead, Planning a Garden with the Best Vegetables for Pickling and Preservation will help with ideas for growing 14 vegetables well-suited for long-term storage, either cured or canned. Additionally, readers get a recipe for Pumpkin Grilled Cheese with Caramelized Onions and Bacon. This recipe features the tastes of autumn bundled into a toasted, buttered sandwich.

The October issue of Food Gardening Magazine also includes in-depth articles about cranberries, pumpkins, and carrots. These articles explore the Food Gardening Network’s latest collections while providing valuable information on their own. Subscribers get instant access to the premium collections themselves, too.

In How to Use Cranberries All Year Long, readers can discover six fun ways to make their cranberry harvest last, from using cranberries in craft and design projects to making homemade lip gloss.

In How to Use Pumpkin in Unique Ways, gardeners will discover seven ideas for enjoying pumpkins, including recipes for pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin chili, and a homemade pumpkin spice latte.

Then, in Are Carrots Healthy for You?, readers will learn about many of the health benefits of carrots as well as some unlikely, but possible, risks from eating too many carrots.

The October issue of Food Gardening Magazine offers readers four feature articles, four accompanying videos, and three Collection Close-Ups spotlighting cranberries, pumpkins, and carrots. These collections offer comprehensive, in-depth information about a single fruit, herb, or vegetable, from starting seeds to dealing with pests and diseases and from nutrition facts to delicious recipes.

View the October 2022 issue of Food Gardening Magazine now.

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