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FREE Podcast: Balcony food growing Q&A now!

Bill Dugan, Editor & Publisher for Food Gardening Network and GreenPrints, was recently delighted to be interviewed by our friend Kathy Jentz for her GardenDC Podcast—they talked about small-space gardening, specifically what it’s like to garden from his 8th floor balcony apartment in Washington, DC.

Kathy is a fellow GardenComm member as well as editor of the Washington Gardener magazine. She recently published a book entitled “Groundcover Revolution: How to use sustainable, low-maintenance, low-water groundcovers to replace your”. This is a great book for anyone who has ever considered ditching their lawn and promises “40 alternative choices for: No Mowing. No fertilizing. No pesticides”.

This podcast is a wealth of information and a lot of fun to listen to! Kathy got Bill to talk about:

  • How he got started with food gardening as a child—one of 8 children involved in their parents’ garden
  • How Food Gardening Network first got started and launched in 2021
  • What challenges Bill has faced with sun, soil, and water with balcony gardening
  • What about wind? Is wind a problem on a balcony?
  • Types of plants Bill grows and how he cares for them
  • The benefits of doing your own food gardening

Please take time to listen to the Podcast—it’s fun, informative, and you can listen at your leisure.

And please check out everything at Kathy Jentz’s website—she has regular Podcasts, Washington Gardener Magazine, and lots of other resources for gardeners not only in the mid-Atlantic region, but also great tips for gardeners in all parts of the country.

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