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Get Love, Hope & Laughter … in the Garden Now!

Gardening romance? Is there really such a thing? Sure there is—and thank God!
When you read the special GreenPrints Collection Gardening Romance: Stories of love, hope & laughter today, you get tender and engaging stories that are guaranteed to touch your heart!

When I first read all these stunning stories, I gravitated to the “Lost and Found” story about a woman who loses her wedding ring in the garden. For Judy Pellettieri, she had a happy outcome—her husband resolved her wedding-ring disappearance with a very unique solution! You have to read the story to see how it ends.

The GreenPrints Collection Gardening Romance: Stories of love, hope & laughter has many more stories for you—stories that deliver the same heartwarming sense of caring and love! Including the featured story—“Memories and Butterflies”—you get all the stories in this special GreenPrints Collection on love, hope, and laughter, including:

We hope you enjoy these unique and tender stories that will have you smiling, nodding in agreement, and even laughing. Start reading—and enjoying—right now!

About GreenPrints: GreenPrints is the premier resource for inspirational and entertaining stories about gardening. GreenPrints is all about the human side of gardening, and brings readers the joy, humor, wit, and wisdom of life through compelling gardening stories that will make readers laugh … and sometimes cry. GreenPrints publishes a quarterly magazine—in print and online—and offers daily motivation with stories by email, plus a full library of content that is sure to delight any gardening reader. The whole idea behind GreenPrints is to share the feelings, the joys, and the experiences of gardening—really, the heart and soul of gardening. And that’s what makes GreenPrints so unique and special.

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