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GreenPrints Magazine and Website Relaunch as a Multiplatform Brand

GreenPrints transforms from a print-only magazine to a vibrant multiplatform system with expanded content and continued focus on quality and subscriber engagement.

GreenPrints, owned and operated by Mequoda Systems LLC, has relaunched its brand with a new multiplatform publishing system that further engages subscribers and offers a wider variety of content.

“What has been an engaging and venerable print-only magazine since 1990, GreenPrints now brings its compelling content to an even wider audience with a brand-new multiplatform publishing system,” says Don Nicholas, founder and CEO of Mequoda Systems and Executive Publisher of GreenPrints. “The GreenPrints audience is hungry for even more heartwarming gardening stories, and this new system provides just that,” Nicholas adds.

GreenPrints’ new multiplatform publishing system focuses on a combination of free content—to introduce new audience segments to the brand as an audience-development play—and premium content that delivers a vast library of material for engaged All-Access members:

  1. GreenPrints Daily: FREE subscribers get gardening stories to motivate and entertain them, published online and delivered daily to email inboxes—includes a featured daily ArtPrints and inspiring quotation, too.
  2. GreenPrints Freebies: Digital Freebies can be instantly downloaded and are “Samplers” of stories about gardening humor, the joy of gardening, healing gardens, and gardening critters.
  3. GreenPrints Magazine: The quarterly magazine, filled with 80 pages of entertaining and inspirational gardening stories, is still available in print and can be accessed online, too—a searchable digital library of issues goes back to 2016 and is growing with newly published issues and continued loading of back issues prior to 2016.
  4. GreenPrints Collections: Premium curated digital collections are topical and cover stories about animals in the garden, gardening history, gardening mishaps, gardening romance, mystical gardens, and more. Collections are dynamic and are regularly updated with the newest content!

While the new GreenPrints multiplatform publishing system grows content and expands access to it, GreenPrints remains true to its roots in delivering reader benefits:

  • Having fun: Reading GreenPrints stories takes subscribers away from the daily drudgery—and gives them a great sense of fun and adventure!
  • Smiling and laughing: Whether it’s a cheery chuckle or a full-belly laugh, readers find funny content in GreenPrints stories.
  • Getting inspired: With heartfelt tales of people, places, animals, plants, and life in general, GreenPrints sparks readers to hope and dream and to live life to the fullest.
  • Feeling better: Now more than ever, readers need the salve for the soul that GreenPrints delivers as restorative mental therapy.

“Immediately upon launching this new multiplatform publishing system, readers have been delighted,” says GreenPrints Editor & Publisher Bill Dugan. “I’ve heard from many subscribers, including this one: ‘I’ve loved my GreenPrints for years! And now the digital version every day! Thank you from my soul and soil!’” Dugan adds, “We’re committed to continuing to serve current readers and to grow our audience so that many more can enjoy the unique content that GreenPrints delivers.”

About GreenPrints: GreenPrints was founded by Pat Stone in 1990 as a way to celebrate the joys, the feelings, and the experiences of gardening—the real heart and soul of gardening. GreenPrints is a one-of-a-kind brand that binds and unites gardeners about the ways of the world, including gardening, and how it all deeply affects us in the most personal ways. Filled with wonderful stories, poems, tales, parables, anecdotes, and delightful and original art, GreenPrints shares the joy, the humor, the headaches, and the heart of gardening—all in fun and connecting ways.

Contact: To become a Sponsor or marketing partner to GreenPrints, or to speak with a member of our team, please contact Christy Page at or 781-556-1006. Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook @GreenPrintsMagazine


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