GreenPrints Tops 250,000 Email Subscribers in Less than a Year!

GreenPrints—a new website for a legacy gardening magazine—tops 250,000 active email subscribers, largely built with an aggressive Email Exchange program.

“Digital growth for GreenPrints includes engaging print subscribers online—but rapid and big growth has largely come from Mequoda’s Email Exchange program.”

In less than one year since its new website launch in August 2022, GreenPrints now reaches more than 250,000 unique active subscribers with regular email newsletters. While compelling new digital-only content and driving—and engaging with—print subscribers online are key to the success, quick scalability has come from robust audience development efforts built upon a successful Email Exchange program.

First, GreenPrints built an engaging website to attract new online subscribers and serve existing print subscribers—transforming a print-only magazine into a true multiplatform brand. Next, GreenPrints created new digital-only content to complement the print magazine and make the online experience valuable and unique:

  • GreenPrints Daily: Regular FREE gardening stories to motivate and entertain readers, published online and delivered daily by email too.
  • GreenPrints Freebies: FREE downloads that include samplers of gardening stories about joy, humor, healing, gardening science, and gardening critters; practical and useful gardening charts; beautiful ArtPrints; and monthly calendars with inspirational quotations and beautiful gardening art.
  • GreenPrints Magazine Library: Quarterly magazine, filled with entertaining and inspirational gardening stories—now online and in print—with a searchable digital library of back issues.
  • GreenPrints Kits: Delivered as part of every quarterly magazine issue, three digital-only kits: Seasonal Garden Planning Calendar Kits, Seasonal Celebration Kits, and Garden Collection Kits—all downloadable, practical, and printable!
  • GreenPrints Collections: Curated digital collections that are topical and cover animals in the garden, gardening history, gardening mishaps, gardening romance, mystical gardens, and more. Regularly updated with the newest content, too!

“The GreenPrints brand is more than 33-years-old, and pivoting from print-only to multiplatform included creating lots of new content and new content types,” says GreenPrints Editor & Publisher Bill Dugan. “We’re now leveraging a vast library of gardening stories, poems, quotations, and artwork to create more easily accessible and curated online formats for readers. Plus, we’ve added digital-only kits that are useful and practical and that include gardening planning resources, frameable artwork, and how-to gardening advice.”

Then, by following all of Mequoda best practices about search engine optimization, social media optimization, and paid media campaigns, the GreenPrints team fueled initial digital growth—along with driving print-only subscribers online.

But, the real game-changer for GreenPrints’ digital growth is Mequoda’s Email Exchange program—which includes GreenPrints and Mequoda Publishing Network’s four other brands—the essence of simplicity, where publishers with similar audiences agree to reciprocal marketing efforts. “We send an email extra newsletter promoting our partner’s offer, and they send a reciprocal effort promoting our freebies to their list—and that drives our audience development program,” says Christy Page, Mequoda’s Sponsorship and Operations Director.

About GreenPrints: As part of Mequoda Publishing Network, GreenPrints brings joy, humor, inspiration, projects, artwork, and advice from our community of gardening writers, humorists, and illustrators to members and subscribers all over the world. Our stories, artwork, and kits touch hearts, lift spirits, and provide hours of entertainment about all things gardening. Our interactive projects help readers build their communities, beautify their homes, and be more successful gardeners and happier human beings. More than 250,000 gardening enthusiasts share the joy, laughter, and camaraderie that can only be found with GreenPrints.

About Mequoda Publishing Network: Mequoda provides actionable ideas, inspiration, and advice for gardeners, cooks, and crafting enthusiasts—with the goal of improving their lives and increasing personal enrichment and enjoyment. We operate five multiplatform consumer brands, including six magazines, 28 email newsletters, and more than 100 digital books. We partner with dozens of sponsors to help them market their products to our audiences. For nearly two decades, Mequoda has explored and expanded the evolving art and science of multiplatform publishing and marketing. With in-depth research, aggressive testing, and cutting-edge strategy, Mequoda has developed a reputation as an industry leader for building and operating multiplatform communities that serve, engage, and delight consumers, sponsors, partners, and affiliates.

Contact: To get more information about GreenPrints’ growth and Mequoda’s Email Exchange program—or to speak with any member of our team—please contact Christy Page at Christy@Mequoda.com or 781-556-1006.


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