Learn How To Create Sales Letter Landing Pages That Sell

February 5th, 2010

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Learn How To Create Sales Letter Landing Pages That Sell

Free Landing Page Handbook Released

(Nationwide)—A well-written and well-designed sales letter landing page will convert visitors into buyers. A landing page needs to be tightly focused on the single intention of getting the reader to take action. In order to do this, you will need to create irresistible offers and make it easy for visitors to order.

Our Landing Page Handbook: Creating Sales Letter Landing Pages that Sell reveals 12 best practices for creating landing pages that sell. These 12 best practices are detailed throughout 43 pages of educational information and will keep visitors while convincing them to order. The 12 best practices include:

-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #1: Write Effective and Promising Headlines
-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #2: Captivate Readers With a Compelling Story
-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #3: Webify Content to Gain Reader Interest
-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #4: Build Relationships with Email
-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #5: Increase Credibility with User Testimonials
-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #6: Create Strategic Orderflow Links
-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #7: Apply User-Centric Labeling and Language
-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #8: Improve Readability and Content Density
-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #9: Provide Urgency and Content Freshness
-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #10: Speed Up Landing Page Load Time
-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #11: Design Aesthetically Pleasing Landing Pages
-Landing Page Handbook Best Practice #12: Offer Multiple and Convenient Order Options

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If you want to learn how to create sales letter landing pages that will help turn visitors into buyers, visit https://www.mequoda.com/free-reports/landing-page-handbook/ for your complimentary copy of our Landing Page Handbook: Creating Sales Letter Landing Pages that Sell.


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