Mequoda Publishing Network Expands, Grows Further

Launching and acquiring new publishing systems is powering new revenue streams for Mequoda—and staff realignments are filling new roles.

Please check out our newly relaunched website, to see all the details about what Mequoda Publishing Network has been doing lately. And please notice our new tag line: “Ideas, Inspiration & Advice for Better Living”—a reflection of our new positioning as a lifestyle, enthusiast, and personal-improvement publisher ourselves.

Yes, we’re still a service provider to our existing clients and partners. And we’re fully committed to all of them—get a comprehensive overview of the Mequoda Method of multiplatform publishing here.

But, we’re no longer prospecting for new clients to build publishing website systems—rather, our business development efforts are now focused on seeking out new consumer-publishing opportunities of our own.

Mequoda’s New ‘Launch-and-Acquire’ Strategy

Since the beginning of 2021, Mequoda has moved forward with our launch-and-acquire strategy for creating and acquiring new multiplatform publishing systems of our own, including:

  • Food Gardening Network: In the middle of the pandemic, Mequoda researched, planned, and launched a brand-new publishing system to serve home food gardeners—built from scratch! Since launching in January 2021, audience reach has grown to more than 250,000 Daily readers, and premium memberships have already topped 7,000. Please check out everything we have to offer with Food Gardening Network.
  • GreenPrints Magazine: In November 2021, Mequoda acquired a 31-year-old print magazine, filled with heartwarming human-interest stories and gardening as a backdrop. With 12,000 paying subscribers, GreenPrints is a unique source of inspiration and joy for its readers. Mequoda transformed GreenPrints into a full multiplatform publishing system, optimizing the Mequoda Method and current best practices, and relaunched the GreenPrints website in August.

Food Gardening Network and GreenPrints join our other brands in the Mequoda Publishing Network—I Like Crochet, I Like Knitting, and We Like Sewing—to round out a group of publishing properties focused on consumer enthusiasm for gardening and crafting. Please check out brief summaries of each system on our new website.

Mequoda’s New Marketing Programs

Now, with a full complement of aligned publishing properties operating Mequoda Haven WordPress Customer Experience Management Systems (CXMS), economies of scale, cross selling, and new revenue streams are boosting audience, revenue, and profits across all Mequoda brands, including these new programs:

  • Sponsorships: You can become a sponsor with one of Mequoda’s publishing brands and reach hundreds of thousands of highly engaged and enthusiastic consumers, to promote your own brand’s products and services—specialty topics include home, gardening, cooking, and crafting. Opportunities exist for email, web, and even print advertising. Check out these sponsorship opportunities.
  • Affiliate Marketing Partnerships: Become an affiliate with one of Mequoda’s publishing brands and generate monthly commission checks for your own business—these low-effort and easy-to-implement lead-generation programs will help monetize your own audience. Check out these affiliate partnership opportunities.

For more information about these new programs, please contact us now.

Meet the Mequoda Team

Finally, to fully execute Mequoda’s new business model, staff realignments and new duties are necessary to maximize success. Check out all the key staff operating the new Mequoda Publishing Network on our website.

A Call to Action

Our new business development focus is to acquire and launch new consumer-publishing systems. We’re particularly interested in enthusiast categories such as crafting, cooking, and gardening—but we’re open to considering almost anything that has great potential. If you’re a legacy publisher and want to transition your life and sell your consumer-publishing property, please reach out to Christy Page, Sponsorship & Operations Director, at


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