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Mequoda Releases 2018 Mequoda Magazine Consumer Study

2018 Mequoda Magazine Consumer Study predicts digital magazine readership as a percentage of all magazine readership will break 40% in 2020.

BOSTON, JUNE 15, 2018—Mequoda ran its first ever digital magazine consumer study in 2014, polling US adults with Internet access. At the time, the biggest finding was that 20% of respondents reported currently reading or subscribing to digital magazines on their tablets. Back then, 20% was a huge number.

In 2015, Mequoda conducted another study with triple the sample size and an expanded set of questions and learned that 1/3 of US adults reported having read a digital magazine issue in the last 30 days, while more than 2/3 reported having read a print magazine issue in that same time period.

In 2016, they repeated the study and discovered a 16.54% increase in adults reading digital magazines, with a 2% drop in print magazines read.

Fast forward two years to 2018, and Mequoda has released their new bi-annual study discovering that the drop in print magazine issues read from 2016 to 2018 was nearly 12%, while digital magazine issues read was up over 11%. Another interesting observation is that digital magazine readership, as a percentage of all magazine readership, climbed from 32% in 2016 to 37% in 2018. At this pace, digital magazine readership as a percentage of all magazine readership will break 40% in 2020.

Mequoda Founder and CEO Don Nicholas says, “Our study is based on the responses of U.S. adults, so all data refers to the consumption habits of 18+, which makes it even more impressive, given the adoption rate. As we see more of the younger generation hit the adult age bracket, we expect these numbers to change dramatically.”

To read the key findings of the study, and to learn more about the habits of magazine consumers, the 2018 Mequoda Magazine Consumer Study is available to download for free at

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