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RecipeLion Magazine Publishes November/December 2022 Holiday Desserts Issue

RecipeLion Magazine has released their November/December 2022 issue highlighting 40 holiday sweets including pies, baked goods, cookies, and candies.

This issue of RecipeLion Magazine brings together 40 favorite holiday dessert recipes. From a classic candy popular in the early 1900s to an easy Peanut Butter Fudge recipe to a truly decadent selection of pies, there’s a wide variety of desserts for readers to choose from.

Editor and Publisher Bill Dugan reminds readers that desserts aren’t just for our own enjoyment: “Desserts make great gifts, too! I love wrapping up a plate of cookies for the people working at my favorite coffee shop, and it’s such a treat to pull out a homemade pie when you have unexpected visitors.”

The issue begins with nine pie recipes, including a decadent Southern Pecan Pie and a roadside diner classic Grasshopper Pie. Then there are eight recipes designed with pot luck dinners in mind, such as a Sparkling White Chocolate Cranberry Cake, consisting of three layers of rich vanilla cake with a burst of candied cranberries in between each layer.

Next is a selection of 11 candies, including the candy shop classic, Martha Washington Candies made with coconut, pecans, chocolate, and sweetened condensed milk. Then readers can choose from a dozen cookie recipes, whether they want something simple like First Snow Cookies, or prefer the complex flavors of Danish Spice Cookies.

Some additional recipes in this issue include sweet Chewy Molasses Cookies, made with the unusual combination of sweet molasses and dry mustard. While the Kumquats Preserved in Honey make a unique topping for ice cream or provide an unusual tropical flavor to pancakes.

The No-Bake Peanut Butter Snowballs are a creamy, decadent, and slightly salty dessert that only takes 15 minutes to prepare and one hour to freeze. And the Cranberry Pecan Lattice Pie combines the distinctly sweet, buttery flavor of the pecans with the fruity, tangy zest of the cranberries.

In all, there are 40 dessert recipes for readers to enjoy, from unique cookies to classic pies to bite-sized candies.

View the November/December 2022 issue of RecipeLion Magazine now.

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