The Best SEO Keyword Strategy for SEO Campaign Management

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses SEO campaign management components including link building and ways of gaining landing page visibility

(Nationwide)—The best SEO keyword strategy for SEO campaign management is not necessarily about picking the most popular SEO keywords. If an SEO keyword strategy targets only highly popular and competitive terms, the odds of SEO success are minimal.

Instead, it’s important to aim for smaller targets; ones that that can be won and owned by a publisher.

An effective SEO strategy begins with extensive keyword research. The Google Keyword Tool can be used to do this research. In addition to finding relevant keywords that an audience is searching for, it’s almost imperative to know how many searches are done each month on each individual keyword phrase being targeted.

The best SEO keyword strategy involves targeting keyword phrases that are more modest in popularity, and have a lower amount of competitors. To use an economic metaphor, it’s about looking for modest demand and low supply.

The Google Keyword Tool can help decipher the demand. The Keyword Competitive Index (KCI) reveals the relationship of demand to competition. The KCI is the estimated annual search impressions (the monthly average from the Googke Keyword Tool times 12) divided by the exact match search engine results, which is the competition. Exact match search engine results are found by searching for a keyword with quotations around it.

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