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(Nationwide)—Every page of your website is a landing page, especially in modern times when search engine optimization plays a big part in how websites get ranked. Since visitors may enter your website from any page, you should include conversion architecture throughout your entire site if you plan on converting website visitors into free email newsletter subscribers.

The following components of landing pages should be considered and utilized to their fullest if you want to have the power to convert website visitors into email subscribers. These include:

-Landing Page component #1 – Order Form in Editorial (OFIE): An OFIE is a subscription form embedded in the editorial content of websites. Often times these are used for customers/end users to fill out in order to receive a free email newsletter.

-Landing Page component #2 – Order Form in Navigation (OFIN): These order forms appear in the navigation bars of websites.

-Landing Page component #3 – Floater: This order form is referred to as a floater because it appears to float on a website. Unlike pop-ups, floaters consist of actual website code that cannot be blocked. Floaters have been known to have healthier conversion rates.

-Landing Page component #4 – Display Ad: An online advertisement that uses graphics.

-Landing Page component #5 – Text Ad: An online advertisement that uses text links or text-based hyperlinks.

-Landing Page component #6 – Text Link: These hypertext links are subtle yet effective when directing users to conversion landing pages. They are used to increase email database circulation.

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