We Like Sewing December Issue

Welcome Winter and the Holidays with We Like Sewing December Issue

Projects for you to decorate, relax, and repurpose!

We Like Sewing has released their December 2022 issue helping you to bring the bright beauty of the moon down to earth, ring in the holidays with cheerful decorations, and lounge in style with their new collection of fabulous patterns.

Darkness comes early in December, so we always try to add a little more light to our projects. Make some lovely projects to brighten someone’s day — even your own!

For something especially timely and timeless, to last you through many chilly days and cold nights, make our Trip to the Moon Layer Cake Throw Quilt. The moon will always be full and shining brightly when you make this charming quilt!

This quilt pattern is a symphony of space images, all thanks to a layer cake in space-themed prints. And you get the bonus of having precut pieces, which makes this project move along a little more easily — even for a beginning quilter!

The key to making this pattern really take off is color placement, so plan your pieces accordingly. This project lets you play with combining light, medium, and dark prints to create a bold, eye-catching design. Finishing is easy, with a simple border of pieced fabric strips.

The patterns in our December Issue of We Like Sewing range from Easy to Experienced. That means skill and confidence building for beginning sewists, and interesting challenges for the more experienced among us. All these projects are designed to brighten your day, your wardrobe, and your home!

Fighting Back Against Fast Fashion

You may have noticed that the quality of a lot of trendy garments is, well, not so great. Those trendy pieces are often a product of fast fashion — clothing made to ride the wave of popularity, only to be tossed aside after a season. That seems wasteful, and it’s becoming a real problem. In our December Issue, we talk about fast fashion and ways you can fight back against it. Upcycling is just one way.

Upcycling isn’t going away any time soon; communities are beginning to ban fiber from the trash, so you might as well make good (re)use of it, right? If you have some garments that are past their trendy prime, why not give them a whole new purpose? Try our Victoria Nightgown to Loungewear Refashion project and give that old nightgown new life.

Chances are you’ll have some fabric left over, so make yourself the Tickled Pink Embroidery Eye Mask. You can make this lovely mask from scraps or from your stash of fat quarters. And if you’re looking for a quick and easy gift idea, look no further! Put your scraps to good use and make gifts in the process — that’s a win all around!

Christmas Cottage Cuteness

Our December Issue includes patterns to add a handmade touch to your holiday décor. You’ll love making our Gnome Alone Winter Mug Rug, Such a Hoot Woodland Ornament, or the Kris Kringle Quilted Wall Hanging. These projects will certainly boost the holiday spirit in your home!

If you’re looking for some pretty piecework, read English Paper Piecing 101 and make a lovely Christmas Candle Mat. Once you get the hang of this time-honored technique, your project potential is wide open! And it’s so portable — all you need is needle and thread to put it all together!

No expert sewing skills are required to make any of the projects in our December Issue. Each pattern in this issue includes a detailed template, pattern notes, and a complete list of the tools and materials you need to succeed. There are great gift ideas here, but don’t forget to make something for yourself! Get ready to make something new and beautiful!

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