2023 Super Media Kit

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Reach highly engaged and enthusiastic consumers, to promote your own brand’s products and services

We have a marketing opportunity that may be of interest to you! You see, we’re looking to grow our publications: Food Gardening Network, GreenPrints, I Like Crochet, I Like Knitting and We Like Sewing even more—and we can do it … if we have well-aligned partners in our Email Exchange Program.

Already we’ve seen how engaged and enthusiastic our various communities are—members are actively sharing tips and ideas with us and each other. That is very gratifying.

We reach more than a million active daily subscribers across our publications!

We’re looking for email exchange opportunities with like-minded partners to keep our communities vibrant and growing.

And we’re not looking for just any old partners—they have to be aligned with our community, willing to support us, and have products and services of interest to us all. We look for items that are helpful to our communities. This makes us very picky about who we’ll let in for our Email Exchange Program. We want to make sure that the content and products we share appeal to our members.

Successful Email Exchange partners for Mequoda’s brands include the obvious gardening, cooking, and crafting lists with similar demographics and do-it-yourself lifestyles. Mequoda has likewise been successful with a wide variety of travel, health, and spirituality brands that also have similar demographics.

Please think about this opportunity, and—if you might fit the bill—please contact me to set up a meeting to discuss it. Or forward this message to someone you think might make a good email exchange partner!

Mequoda Publishing Network operates five multiplatform publishing brands that reach highly engaged and enthusiastic consumers—specialty topics include home, gardening, cooking, and crafting:

  • Food Gardening Network is the premier resource for food gardeners of all skill levels to grow good food at home—with the advice and information members need to grow, harvest, and enjoy fabulous food! From vegetables and fruits to herbs and spices, members learn all the special techniques for growing and enjoying better-tasting and better-quality foods, while also saving money.

  • GreenPrints focuses on inspirational and entertaining stories about gardening. GreenPrints is all about the human side of gardening, and brings readers the joy, humor, wit, and wisdom of life through compelling gardening stories that will make readers laugh … and sometimes cry.

  • I Like Crochet is a household name known for its quality, style, and commitment to providing readers with only the best of the best. Since its start in the summer of 2014, I Like Crochet has worked hard to find incredible crochet patterns from top designers. Members stay on top of crochet fashion trends and discover a world filled with thrilling patterns, crochet tips and tricks, simple-to-follow tutorials, and more.

  • Since its start in 2015, I Like Knitting has worked hard to find incredible patterns from top designers to deliver the best of the best. Members stay on top of knitting fashion trends and discover a world filled with thrilling patterns, knitting tips and tricks, simple-to-follow tutorials, and more. Plus, with knitting videos and tutorials for knitting stitches, there are lots of ways for readers to expand skills and learn how to knit with new techniques.

  • Quilting and sewing are two of the most time-honored skills in the world, and We Like Sewing is the premier resource for sewists of all skill levels—to build and refine skills with the advice and information needed to ensure that members can master the basics and advanced sewing and quilting techniques. And We Like Sewing includes not only all the sewing and quilting tips and techniques needed to take on any project, but also includes in-depth videos that show readers how to conquer the basics.

Thank you for helping with this—and thank you for being a supporter of Mequoda Publishing Network!

About Mequoda Publishing Network: Mequoda provides actionable ideas, inspiration, and advice for gardeners, cooks, and crafting enthusiasts—with the goal of improving their lives and increasing personal enrichment and enjoyment. We operate five multiplatform consumer brands, including six magazines, 28 email newsletters, and more than 100 digital books. We partner with dozens of sponsors to help them market their products to our audiences.

For nearly two decades, Mequoda has explored and expanded the evolving art and science of multiplatform publishing and marketing. With in-depth research, aggressive testing, and cutting-edge strategy, Mequoda has developed a reputation as an industry leader for building and operating multiplatform communities that serve, engage and delight consumers, sponsors, and affiliates.

Contact: To learn more about our Email Marketing and Broadcasting Services, Exchange Program, or to become a marketing partner with any of our publications, please contact me at Christy@Mequoda.com or 781-556-1006.


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